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Finally! A sensible and sure way to make tap, well or bottled water healthier - in the fine quality nature meant for our vitality and pleasure.


“That quality of water is called, Structured Water”. It is the most beneficial water, in every way, and the highest performing water. It is soft, clean tasting, energizing and energized.


Structured Water in Nature


In Nature, Structured Water is formed and sustained as water rushes in its natural flow -a geometric double helix vortex, over rocks and through currents, mountain streams, waterfalls and miles of winding rivers. The dynamic flow energizes the water, vitalizes it’s life-giving properties and makes it safe to drink.


The Natural Action Technologies (NAT) Structured Water Unit


The NAT Structured Water Unit is a tubular shaped device, made for water to enter at one end and exit at the other end. “Flow form” elements contained inside the device, compel water to move through, as though rushing down a mountain stream. As water flows through, it moves in its natural flow and undergoes the same cleaning and enlivening, as occur when water is made “Structured” in Nature. The water that exits from the unit is, thus, Structured Water. 


Energy production is boosted by natural materials, which are integral to the flow form elements. The materials resonate to natural healthy water and address damage due to non-natural (technologically-made) elements


Truly Care-Free Use


By providing an environment in which water returns to its natural state, naturally, the NAT unit gives you a purely Nature-driven device; an absolutely sensible and easy way to make water healthier. The unit is maintenance free, has no moving or breakable parts and will process limitless amounts with no wait time. Operation is completely cost-free because its functioning is based simply on water’s movement through the unit.



Using Structured Water produced with the NAT unit gives you highly energized and efficient water capable of producing profound personal benefits.


Current-day science indicates the human body is basically a skin covered water vessel. For, research findings show that, by molecular count, water molecules comprise over 99% of the body. Water does not merely surround the cells and DNA, but is actually an integral part.  For best health, water molecules must be fit, to remove waste and carry electromagnetic information that fuels and drives the body.



Related image


Structured Water Molecule

Credit, Dr. Marusu Emoto

What’s behind the term, “Structured Water”?


Natural water that is safe to drink or revered as “healing”, uniquely displays crystal-like structures, at the molecular level. These are 6-pointed star shapes (hexagonal). They show the water is coherent and balanced and reflect the natural properties and energies of the Structured Water molecule.

Loss of structure - disorganization of the molecules, reflects departure from its natural state, functional disorder and hence a decline in usefulness.


The finest naturally occurring waters are Structured Waters. Structured Water has been found to reside in only one other place: healthy cells.



What causes water to loose its structure?


To maintain its natural structured state and associated features, water must move in it’s natural flow and be free of contaminants. 


Water is degraded by,


movement through water delivery systems that use damning, straight pipes, 90corners and pumps;

chemical and physical additions;

filtering; and

absorption of technologically-made electrical currents and wireless radiation (EMF) and other biologically irritating energies that were in or near the water.


Hence the NAT Structured Water Unit undoes damages to water, that are overlooked throughout the industry. 



Does the NAT Structured Water Unit remove toxins? 


During the water structuring process, the structure of what is in the water, changes in a way that makes it either more bio-available or more bio-removable. For example, structuring produces a dramatic increase in components that are beneficial for life, such as oxygen, negative hydrogen ions, minerals and photon energy - a measureable energy that is also referred to as, “life source”, “Prana” and “Chi” energy.


Physical/chemical substance identified as ‘toxins’ are basically carriers of energies that are the actual root of adverse health effects. Physical/chemical toxins that are present in the water during structuring, are altered in a way that supports effective removal from the body without ill effect. The water structuring process also addresses toxic energies that might be in the water, which is something not performed by devices that filter out or add “things. Structured Water, itself, also helps provide safety from energies that are potentially harmful, biologically. Namely, it stores them in an “exclusion zone” which isolates them away from the body.

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The Structured Water Unit can be combined with a filter, if deemed necessary. The water structuring process amends the water degrading effects of filtration.


Depending on severity, the unit can eliminate the need for water softening systems and for filters to remove taste, odour and discoloration.



What more is possible?


Laboratories, NAT, Vibrancy Water, and Customers have documented profound benefits associated with the Structured Water produced by the NAT Structured Water Unit. Among the wide variety of profound benefits associated with the Structured Water produced by the NAT Unit, are reports of,



Benefits for plants and crops.


Plants fed Structured Water from the NAT Structured Water Unit grow bigger and faster; have higher energy and nutritional values; and are more resilient to pests and adverse growing conditions.



Benefits in cannabis application


Cannabis Growers: we hwill help you develop cost effective installation plans to achieve optimal distribution of highly energized structured water for your entire farm or grow facility.

See StructureD BUDS AND BUZZ  for details.

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Pure pool and spa pleasure 


The Structured Water Unit generates safe, balanced and invigorating water, with less costs and maintenance, than with any other water treatment.




L-8 Transceiver Technology is infused, exclusively, in the Natural Action Structured Water Unit sold by Vibrancy Water.


This addition provides advanced EMF remediation especially helpful for individuals who are EMF sensitive or living in densely electro-polluted environments. The addition is included free.




90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee  -  10 Year Warranty


Acclaimed Water Structuring Technology.



Powered by Nature. Backed by Science.




Structured Water Science is at the leading edge

of an emerging scientific paradigm.


Discovery of Structured Water’s remarkable properties overturned conventional ideas about cellular activity, memory, consciousness, thought processes …. overall functioning of the human body. The resulting new scientific models compel us to set aside principles of matter and to view the human body as a water vessel, which can be explained by applying the principles of energy.  Further, to see water as both a carrier of electromagnetic information that directs cellular activity and the carrier of the life force energy that fuels DNA. 


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The documentary reports of fascinating research discoveries and conclusions.

Later findings and conclusions are presented in About Structured Water .


First ever formally sanctioned human medical trials with Structured Water


Studies using Structured Water made with the Natural Action Structured Water Unit, have been planned by Dr. Raman Gokal, (Toronto, Canada) FRCP, FASN, Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Nephrologist. He anticipates “the outcomes of the studies could have far ranging implications for the benefit of mankind”.

Vibrancy Water is an Affiliate Sponsor of Natural Action Foundation Manchester University of England Medical Trial 

The studies will be funded by donations to the Natural Action Foundation, a registered not-for-profit organization. Your donations are appreciated. LEARN MORE



About Vibrancy Water



Vibrancy Water sells water structuring units since 2009, manufactured by Natural Action Technologies. Vibrancy Water is owned and operated by Advanced Health Technologies (AHT).  AHT was started (2007) by Liala Ackerman to educate the public about the revised view of human biology that is emerging from scientific findings and to promote specialized solutions for natural healing and self-actualization. Liala is personally trained by NAT’s founder, Clayton Nolte in water structuring technology and NAT products. 


As of September 2017 all structured water units sold by Vibrancy Water are infused with L-8 Transceiver Technology - an EMF remediation technology Liala developed based on her over 10 years of experience in the EMF protection industry.  


Vibrancy Water makes recommendations based on training with Clayton Nolte and personal experience with the devices. Vibrancy Water guarantees customer service that is caring and conscientious.



“The Mystical Properties of Structured Water”


June 27, 2018 edition of Clayton’s Classroom


Guest-Hosted by Liala Ackerman, 



Liala relates the science and evidence underlying Structured Water’s toxin-cleansing performance. She also relates recent findings in Structured Water research that  intimately connect to findings in Epigentics. Specifically, regarding self-healing, longevity and on-demand access to universal knowledge.


Listen Now


Because Only Nature Refines Water Perfectly!


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