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Your Body Craves Earth’s Natural Electrical Waves:

The Dilemma of Enjoying Normal Good Health in a Wireless Age

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By Liala Ackerman,  Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS) Expert, Product Specialist, Advanced Health Technologies, Toronto, Canada


Scientific and medical studies have firmly established the body is electrically driven and reacts to electrical stimulation. Study of the body’s bioelectric nature has made it possible to develop deep-probing medical diagnostic appliances, medical electrical implants, laser medical treatments and the new medicine of Bioelectrics, or Electroceuticals. This new medicine directs the functions of the body using specialized electromagnetic frequencies.1 These signals would be delivered by devices that are implanted or wearable, or sent wirelessly (i.e., radio frequency broadcast).


Not a single study on the body’s bioelectrical nature has shown signs of the body having a mechanism that filters/blocks technologically made electromagnetic fields/frequencies (EMFs). This is extremely concerning because EMFs are proliferating on our planet from the operation of such things as cell phones, wireless routers and devices, cell phone towers, radio and satellite broadcast, smart meters, power lines, appliances and household electricity.


EMFs never extinguish, they travel indefinitely through space at the speed of light, and disturb other electromagnetic charges in their vicinity.


In addition to the issue of EMFs causing adverse reactions in the body, it is imperative we look at the impact of EMFs on Earth’s natural electromagnetic waves/frequencies. For, EMFs attach themselves to these waves. These earthly waves radiate in Earth’s electromagnetic field, which extends from the crust beneath our feet and out 100 kilometres to the ionosphere. The field includes a portion known as the Schumann Resonances. The Schumann Resonances are unique and embedded with information from the entire universe. The Schumann Resonances are generated by lightning strikes, vary throughout the day and over time, change unpredictably and influenced by solar flares. These frequencies generally range from 3 Hz to 60 Hz and combine to produce a standing wave that usually resides near 7Hz.


Earth’s electromagnetic field

Schumann Resonances fills the cavity between Earth’s crust and ionosphere.


Earth’s electromagnetic field, is today polluted with every EMF that has been produced on our planet. These technologically made frequencies cause Earth’s natural electromagnetic waves to be undetectable, by either the human body or scientific equipment. The implications are calamitous, because scientists have established the Schumann signals are vital to the body. 



The Biological Relevance of the Schumann Resonances


The human body is engineered to be "tuned into" these electromagnetic waves. The body’s bio-energy field is meant to be aligned with the Schumann Resonance.  (The same is true for all life on our planet.) The alignment draws Earth’s Schumann frequencies to the body for absorption. Research indicates the Schumann Resonances are a global guidance system for life and that the nervous system of the human evolved in relationship to the Schumann Resonances. 


Isolation studies show the Schumann Resonances function as a timing mechanism for the human body (a circadian Zeitgeber) and that the body goes into major decline when out of touch with these resonances. A major study spanning over 25 years (1964 through 1989) and involving close to 300 subjects definitively shows isolation desynchronises circadian rhythms and causes a critical loss of healthy timing between various bodily systems.2


Alterations in the Schumann Resonance are seen to influence patterns generated by the heart and brain - the body’s master control centre. Scientists believe multiple quantitative similarities between the Schumann Resonance and activity within the human brain reflects a direct interaction.  An investigation of relationship between the human brain and the Schumann Resonances was carried out in a 2014 study by Saroka and Persinger, at Canada’s Laurentian University. This study demonstrated a functional and time-linked relationship between areas of the human brain associated with the representation of Schumann resonances, and the actual real-time occurrence of these resonances. According to these researchers, their findings provide “direct proof of principle of real-time coherence between brain activity and Schumann Resonances”.  The researchers further suggest that the Schumann Resonances govern brain activity:


If our inferences are even partially valid concerning the coupling or equilibrium of the magnetic field and electric field intensities between the Schumann and human cerebral cortical sources, then near-continuous earth-ionosphere-brain interaction could dominate brain activity.3


 Joseph L. Kirschvink and his research team, at the Caltech University (California Institute of Technology) discovered (1992) engineering in the human brain specifically for reception of electromagnetic signals from the environment. In particular, Kirschvink and his team identified several billion particles distributed in the cerebral lobes, cerebellum, basil ganglia, and midbrain that interact over a million times more strongly with external magnetic fields than any other biological material. (The particles were identified as “magnetite”, which is known as the most magnetic electrical conductor of all the naturally occurring minerals.)4


2011 research by Dr. Luc Montagnier investigated the possibility that the Schumann wave triggers DNA to perform. The study was related to Dr. Montagnier's research on the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). (He was co-awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize in “Physiology or Medicine” for his discovery of the virus.) Dr. Montagnier’s 2011 study was a test that developed from the application of Quantum Field Theory to explain physical phenomena that could not be explained using conventional scientific principles. The results compelled Dr. Montagnier to conclude the following about the importance of the Schumann Resonance:  


“DNA signalling is stimulated by 7Hz naturally occurring waves on earth”.5


As readers might know, DNA drives the body. DNA is solely responsible for maintaining the quality of genetic material, cell replication and cell activity. Montagnier’s declaration underscores the threat to human life- and in fact to all life, presented in the constantly increasing electropollution of Earth’s electromagnetic waves.


The detrimental effects of reduced accessibility to the Schumann waves due to masking by electropollution, are compounded in a body that resides in an electropolluted environment. That body would be at risk of chronic absorption and accumulation of EMFs. The accumulation displaces the body’s natural alignment with the Schumann Resonance, thereby lessening the body’s ability to draw and absorb those frequencies.


The Escalating Global Threat of Energetic Asphyxiation


Wireless technologies pervade virtually every level of life on the planet. Connection to these services is deeply integrated into our 21 century way of life. In Canada, we have over 19,000 towers and antennae providing accessibility to wifi and cellular phone services. Parks Canada gave visitor expectation of such services as the reason for it’s 2014 decision to provide these services by 2017, in 150 national parks, including dozens of Canada's wilderness zones.6 Demand for these services has led to the advancement of a notion that cities must provide free wifi as ‘a basic need, same as offering water’. Cities nationwide and globally are responding affirmatively to the demand.7 Similarly, a newly founded belief  that “access to the knowledge the Internet has to offer is a human right,” has spawned the “Outernet” project, which is designed to broadcast free wifi globally from a network of satellites in outer space. As of this writing, in April 2016, Outernet claims it multicasts on 6 satellites covering 99% of humans with 1 GB of radio frequency EMF emissions.8


Globally, governments mandated installation of “smart” radio frequency emitting devices wherever electricity is used, to remotely report on consumption. Extreme electropollution also results from the world-wide sale of user rights to the wireless industry for the transmission of their EMF digital signals along Earth’s natural frequencies. Governments receive billions of dollars licensing rights to the frequencies in Earth’s electromagnetic field.  For example, according to Canadian Spectrum Policy Research, “in 2014, Canada auctioned off the 700 MHz frequencies, previously reserved for television broadcasting, netting the Canadian government over $5 billion.”9


The Medical Response to EMF-Related Health Symptoms


In June 2012, Toronto Women’s College Hospital, recognized Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS) as a medical condition associated with exposure to EMFs and announced an initiative to educate family doctors about EHS. When asked about these developments, Dr. Riina Bray, Medical Director, of the hospital’s Environmental Health Clinic, commented:


“Every year we are getting more and more people coming in ....I’m very concerned, because the stories are very, very compelling ....These are not crazy people. There is a huge, huge problem. The symptoms include “lancinating” or stabbing headaches, nausea, heart palpitations, tinnitus, extreme fatigue and vertigo, she said.” 10


In fact, the documented list of health symptoms associated with exposure to EMFs is extensive and growing; because EMFs are disruptive at every level.11 Conventional medicine might assist with pharmaceuticals to mitigate against symptoms related to EMF absorption, however, for authentic good health and deep healing, the body has to,


not absorb EMFs,

detoxify accumulated EMFs,

realign back to Earth’s electromagnetic waves and

have good access to those waves.


The Conundrum of EMF Protection


The means by which most products and strategies operate does not let the body absorb the full spectrum of Earth’s bio-signals in balance. EMF blockers that present the body with a single frequency associated with Earth’s electromagnetic field, cause the body’ bio-energy field to be dominated by that single frequency. It is biologically inappropriate for the body to be exposed to a single frequency, because the body was engineered to be orchestrated by Earth’s varying frequencies.


Since the frequencies of Earth’s electromagnetic field change throughout the day and unpredictably over time, the dominating EMF blocking frequency can act to separate the body from Earth’s field. Some EMF shielding products (paint, film, hats, clothing, and fabric;) also completely block out the beneficial electromagnetic frequencies of the planet.  EMF blocking that does not allow or facilitate the body’s grounding into Earth’s field, shields in EMFs that have accumulated in the body.


EMF Blockers that Produce Simulations of  the Schumann Resonance


Equipment that produce imitations of the Schumann frequencies, for the body’s absorption. are inherently inappropriate to the human body. Technologically made simulations are poor substitutes. because, as mentioned above, the natural frequencies of the Earth’s field are time-linked to the body and change unpredictably.


Ideal EMF protection is that which disarms harmful EMFs and shields the body in the natural electromagnetic environment for which it was intended. 




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