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L-8 Transceiver Technology


“I am so thankful I had  this water before I moved my residence twice in three months this year!

The increased energy and strength it gave me were essential, as was the resistance to EMFs!” 

Jeanne Arnold, British Columbia, Canada   


Statements made here and elsewhere on this website about EMF/EMR and L-8 Transceiver Technology are based on the known properties of Structured Water, electrical principles, principles in quantum mechanics and verified findings in Quantum Biology and Epigenetics.


L-8 Transceiver Technology was developed to support the body’s natural electromagnetic needs with a means of, 


1. naturally deterring the body’s attraction, absorption, and accumulation of EMF and

2. reconfiguring  EMF emitters  so that their fields draw the natural frequencies of Earth’s electromagnetic field – in the moment, as they happen.


Freedom From EMF-Related Disturbance

to Health and Well-Being


Attraction, absorption, and accumulation of EMF depends on the body’s vibratory level. The body is prone to attract, absorb and retain EMF when the body’s vibratory level or frequency corresponds to the frequency of EMF; which happens when the body has an accumulation of energies that are not Nature-made. (i.e., energies produced by EMF emitters, technologically devised substances in food and water and mercury amalgam dental filings) or the individual is in a low emotional state (fear, sad, low self esteem, feelings of helplessness, etc.). According to the new science of Epigenetics, the body is also more prone to attract, absorb and retain EMF and develop EMF-related health disorder, when the individual believes they are vulnerable to EMF and worries about it’s detrimental effects on the body.

Keys to functioning in a state that distances the body away from EMF energy:

Consume food and water that are free of man made energies and rich in the natural planetary information they are meant to have.


Surround yourself in the true energies of Earth’s natural electromagnetic bio-energetic field.


Maintain a steady state of benevolence-based happiness/contentment. To help achieve this, exercise effective emotional self regulation; engage in activities and interactions with others that reflect you inner goodness and support your inner happiness; and examine and toss away the beliefs and dramas that create a cloak of victim hood and which keep you from loving your loving self.


The above keys facilitate return to the natural state of the human being. The vibratory level of that state matches that of Earth’s natural bio-energetic field and universal life force energy. The L-8 Structured Water Unit will help you take care of the first 2 keys and will help support you in accomplishing the 3rd key.



Please call for assistance in ridding the body of the stored energies of mercury amalgam dental filling using effective and healing Nature-made material. 


“We believe without the L-8 Structured Water developed and provided by Liala, we would not have the enjoyable lives we do today. ...We are thus continuing to see improvements and we now actually see benefits quickly and long term from health treatments. Again, this was not so for more than 30 years in our experience. “

Aengus and Wendy, Ontario,  Canada                                                    



EMF Basics


All electrical and wireless devices generate EMFs.

EMFs live on forever and travel indefinitely on Earth’s natural electrical airwaves.

EMFs disturb other electromagnetic charges in their vicinity; including the electromagnetic processes that underlie all of the body’s biological processes.

These airwaves belong to Earth’s Bio-energetic field, which is an electromagnetic field (often referred to as Schumann Resonance). This field extends from the planet’s crust out to the ionosphere.



The Dual Health Dangers of EMFs


1.  Negative interaction with the body’s electrical processes


EMFs absorbed into the body interact negatively with the body’s electrical processes -the driving force behind the physical body and the mind. Volumes of scientific research indicate EMFs, 


disrupt the functioning of the cells and DNA;

induce tension and associated stress responses; and

create electrical currents that can accumulate in the body.


2.  Loss of critical connection to natural environmental bio-signals


Accumulated EMF currents in the body and electropollution in the environment impede the body’s access to life-important biological timing mechanisms and templates of healing that are encoded in Earth’s Bio-energetic field. Continuous communication with these electromagnetic signals, in their natural form - free of EMF interference, is imperative for optimal health, deep healing and life itself.



Sensible and Healthy EMF Remediation


Paradoxically, saturation in energies associated with planetary bio-signals effectively repels EMF.  For, saturation evokes a connection to Earth’s Bio-energetic field that is by definition a natural electrical ground. This is the natural electromagnetic condition meant for all life.


Naturally occurring waters were once a rich source of earthly bio-energy and a reliable source for securely connecting the body’s bio-energy field to the planet’s electromagnetic field. That role has been weakened: today’s water is depleted by pipe line delivery and by water borne pollutants, such as environmental EMF and toxic manmade substances.


The inclusion of L-8 Technology in the Vibrancy Structured Water Unit represents a significant means of transitioning the body’s bio-energy field to Nature’s bio-energetic field. For, the unit instills abundant energies associated with Earth’s Bio-energetic field concurrent with repelling (grounding out) biologically perverse energies from water.



L-8 Transceiver Technology is introduced during structuring as water passes through the Structured Water Unit. The synergy produces abundant energies associated with Earth’s Bio-energetic field. The body can thus be saturated with these energies by consumption, bathing, and absorption of emissions from EMF emitters that are modified using L-8 infused Structured Water (see below). Saturation helps strengthen and secure the body’s moment to moment experience of the full spectrum of Earth’s vital electromagnetic resonances, as they happen.




The Physical Aspects

Underlying L-8 Transceiver Technology


The formula of L-8 Transceiver Technology includes, among other materials:


Shungite, which is a natural substance made of up to 99 percent carbon. Shungite has been reported to contain trace amounts of fullerenes (sometimes called buckyballs) (0.0001 < 0.001%). Along with fullerenes, Shungite consists of nearly all the minerals on the periodic table. Research studies indicate shungite has antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti pathogenic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and EMF shielding properties. Since ancient times, shungite has been used to purify water. Traditionally, water infused with shungite has been used for:


* allergies

* sore throats

* asthma

* gastric issues

* arthritis

* kidney problems

* liver problems

* gallbladder issues

* autoimmune disease

* pancreatic dysfunction

* chronic fatigue


Calcium Bentonite Clay, which is a weathered volcanic ash. This specific clay is known to energetically balance and energize living things. The clay contains:


¨ all of the essential trace minerals, in the right ratios, needed for the body’s healthy functioning;

¨ monoatomic metals (gold, silver), which are part of every living thing on the planet. Continuous ingestions is known to,


¨ enhance focus

¨ improve brain function

¨ facilitate hemispheric balance

¨ increase intelligence

¨ Improve memory

¨ Improve sleep

¨ facilitate greater emotional balance

¨ facilitate cellular rejuvenation.


¨ Superconductive Ormus energy resulting from the high spin state of the clay at the atomic level. Ormus allows clearer cell-to-cell communication and increases the flow of biophotons, thereby amplifying the electromagnetic field of the human body.


Rose Quartz crystal, which is known as the “love stone”, is associated with the heart of the earth and known to have spiritual and healing properties



Benefits for the Body


Due to its grounding properties, L-8 infused Structured Water provides the body with a natural release mechanism for the letting go of EMF. The dissipation of EMF is especially important for people with EMF related health symptoms because the condition is associated with a burdensome accumulation of EMF in the body.


Increased absorption of Earth’s unique and life-giving planetary signals improves overall health, as these signals are crucial for normal good health.


Overall health also improves when the body is relieved of the stress of disruptive EMF energy that constricts and interferes with the functioning of the nervous, acupuncture meridian, and immune systems.


Absorbing more earthly bio-energetic resonant energies into the body, causes the body’s bio-energy field to be more receptive to, and draw more of those energies from the environment (like attracts like). 



Reconfiguring EMF Emitters to Emit Earthly Bio-Energetic Fields 


Structured Water terrifically resonant to Earth’s Bio-Energetic field offers a unique, health-enriching, and enduring means of remediating emissions generated by electrical, wireless and motorized equipment/appliances. For, the energy of Structured Water disarms biologically harmful EMF, by absorption of its positively charged ions (the biologically disruptive aspect of EMF), and overlays its own pattern of energies;


EMF emitters modified using grounding Structured Water, emit fields dynamically resonating to the Earth’s electromagnetic field; thus enhancing the availability of  those bio-signals in the area of the emitter’s field of influence (like attracts like, Principle of Resonance).


The modification of EMF emissions described here is a qualitative change. The change to the EMF energy cannot be evaluated using standard EMF meters or detection equipment. Whereas, the qualitative change is discernable using equipment that senses frequencies associated with Earth’s electromagnetic field.



The application of Structured Water to imprint emissions from EMF emitters with the vital bio-signals of Earth’s electro-magnetic field, is unique to Vibrancy Water.





Your purchase includes instructions on simple verified techniques with which you can make and use L-8 infused Structured Water to reconfigure EMF emitters. Using these techniques you can, 1) create a natural electromagnetic environment throughout and around the home, office, car ….and 2) cause personal wireless devices (e.g.., wifi router, cell phone, ipad, fitbit) to emit safe, health enriching fields. These field acts as a “bubble” that buffers (entrains) EMF energy in your surroundings.


Bonus The guidebook includes a technique for making everyday wearable items emitters of the energies of Earth’s Bio-Energetic field. The emissions will attract more of those planetary signals to your body’s bio-energy field (like attracts like).

Bonanza Bonus The guidebook includes techniques wherein you use an EMF emitter that is modified with L-8 infused Structured Water, to modify another EMF emitter.





The effectiveness of the techniques and the water's usefulness in enhancing personal EMF resilience was field tested for over 24 months. The test involved individuals who self identified as extremely reactive to EMFs. They reported almost immediate symptom relief, health improvement, and elevated energy levels and sense of well-being; said to surpass their experiences with other EMF remediating technologies and strategies. A scientific study is pending.


L-8 Transceiver Technology

A natural solution that is

simply right for your body!


Saturating with Earth’s Bio-energetic signals

immerses the bio-energy field

fully deeply and away form EMF energy and into the natural electromagnetic home

the body was meant to thrive in.

More Beneficial than


To Earth’s Crust. 


Connecting to Earth’s crust allows some dissipation of EMF energy and connection

to Earth’s surface energies.

Where use depends on a wired connection to an electrical outlet, there is a risk of stray/dirty electrical currents being delivered to the body.



Risks Associated with EMF Protection Products and Strategies


The means by which most products and strategies operate does not let the body absorb the full spectrum of Earth’s bio-signals in balance. EMF blockers that present the body with a single frequency associated with Earth’s electromagnetic field, cause the body’s bio-energy field to be dominated by that single frequency. It is biologically inappropriate for the body to be exposed to a single frequency, because the body was engineered to be orchestrated by Earth’s varying frequencies.


Since the frequencies of Earth’s electromagnetic field change throughout the day and unpredictably over time, the dominating EMF blocking frequency can act to separate the body from Earth’s field. Some EMF shielding products (paint, film, hats, clothing, and fabric;) also completely block out the beneficial electromagnetic frequencies of the planet. EMF blocking that does not allow or facilitate the body’s grounding into Earth’s field, “shield in” EMFs that have accumulated in the body.


EMF devices that produce simulations of the Schumann Resonance are wrong for the body.


Equipment that produces imitations of the Schumann frequencies for the body’s absorption. are inherently inappropriate to the human body. Technologically made simulations are poor substitutes. because the natural frequencies of the Earth’s field are time-linked to the body and change unpredictably.


Ideal EMF protection is that which disarms harmful EMFs and shields the body in the natural electromagnetic environment for which it was intended. 



Development of L-8 Transceiver Technology


Liala Ackerman, the developer of L-8 Transceiver Technology (2016) was trained by Clayton Nolte in the science of Structured Water and his structuring technology. She distributes his Structured Water units since 2009. Clayton’s words, “what more is possible” inspired Liala to look at Structured Water as a potent and wholly natural agent for EMF remediation.


She applied her knowledge and expertise to accomplish 2 objectives: 1) outfit the Structured Water Unit to imbue Structured Water with bio-energies that create powerful EMF resilience; and 2) develop techniques that efficiently use the imbued Structured Water as a “tool“ to replace the need for multiple devices - layers of protection, to deal with the proliferation of EMF in everyday life.


Liala’s knowledge and expertise in EMF remediation evolved from her university training and education; her own experiences as a “canary in a coal mine” researching and working with natural solutions to long term EMF induced maladies; and mentoring by pioneers in energy-based health treatment (Dr. Ravi Devgan), Bio-energetic Grounding (Jean Gallick, inventor, EarthCalm products) and Applied Water Research (Clayton Nolte). Liala works extensively, since 2007 with individuals who experience debilitating reactions to EMF. She worked directly with Jean Gallick of EarthCalm EMF Protection Products, in product development and application from 2007 to 2016. Throughout that same period, she contributed to the creation and presentation of information for the EarthCalm company website. Liala operated www.earthcalm.ca, as the exclusive Canadian distributor of EarthCalm products from 2008 to 2016. In addition to her more than 20 public lectures on EMF health effects and remediation and on Structured Water, her articles on these subject have been published in print publications (Vitality Magazine, Tonic Toronto, New Agora) and on health-related internet websites.



Experience what more is possible

for yourself and loved ones

with L-8 infused Structured Water!


Logo for Vibrancy Water. The logo  includes the geometric symbol for our EMF, 5G, radiation blocking technology.


 Take Your Health

Home to Nature. 


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