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Testimonials for

L-8 EMF Remediation


We are thus continuing to see improvements and we now actually see benefits quickly and long term from health treatments. Again, this was not so for more than 30 years in our experience.  Aengus & Wendy, Ontario, Canada


The following letters are from customers who used EarthCalm EMF Products they purchased from our “sister” website, and later bought Structured Water Units infused with L-8 Transceiver Technology.


September 2019


We contacted Liala in November 2015 following our physician’s advice to make our home protected from harmful EMF. Liala was very informative, confident with no push, just a warmth and compassion. We purchased EarthCalm Resonator bracelets to wear, which she was then carrying, and were blown away by the transformation that resulted: mental and emotional energy improved dramatically, and pain and stiffness were reduced. We purchased the EarthCalm Infinity home-system the following month.  All areas improved to another level again, as well as a deeper restfulness and improved sleep.


The most dramatic change upon installation of the home system was with our pet cats M’Kenzie and Pepper, who were 13 year old sisters of the same litter. M’Kenzie was diagnosed with severe arthritis at age 3. She consequently had mobility issues and was lethargic. Pepper was diagnosed at age 5 with having only one kidney and at age 10, with congestive heart disease. This made her sickly with vomiting and she chronically licked the fur off of her limbs and abdomen due to the buildup of acids in her system. Within 24 hours of installing the EarthCalm home system, M’Kenzie was more active, mobile and social and Pepper was more restful. Three months later both cats continued with the same improvements and Pepper’s coat had returned to all locations except the hind ankles and abdomen.


Use of L-8 infused Structured Water


We contacted Liala again in August 2017. She informed us she stopped selling EarthCalm products and had just received her first shipment of Structured Water units infused with L-8 Transceiver Technology. We got a portable water structuring unit for my office. Immediately, dramatic changes began to occur for me. My bowel movements slowed down and became more formed, and my sleep and energy improved such that activity levels improved significantly. Yoga was much more comfortable, as were my walks, with dramatically improved recovery time.


Three months later, in October 2017, we purchased a second portable unit and a whole house structured water unit for the whole family’s use.  Again, the most immediate changes were with the cats. Within 24 hours, M’Kenzie was climbing to the top of the cat towers, which she had not done in years, and Pepper was even more restful. We all felt a gentle warm restfulness that had not been present before in the home. I, Aengus, experienced gradual disappearance of long term psoriasis and eczema; the last to go being on my face. Pepper stopped licking her fur completely and no longer looked alien. Breathing improved for all of us, and sensitivities disappeared or were greatly reduced; particularly environmental ones initially, and foods eventually.


Since installing the whole house structured water unit 2 years ago, longstanding dehydration and electrolyte imbalances have all but disappeared. Also, I happily gained and maintained 30 lbs and am active physically, mentally, and socially as never before - a challenge for 30 years. Whereas, my wife, Wendy, has happily lost 15 lbs and maintained the weight loss, and by March of the following year no longer required EMF support outside the home.


Some background, I was diagnosed 30 years ago, at age 21 with Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). I was told I had had it for at least 10 years if not from birth. For symptom relief, at doctor’s advice, I had 2 bowel resections and was advised 7 years ago (2012) to have a third; I refused the third resection because it meant likely removal of my bowel and use of a bag. I had arthritic damage to every joint of this body, and ongoing inflammation. I was also diagnosed with learning disabilities as an adult. Therefore, you may imagine our surprise and joy at the improvements I experienced.


We believe without the L-8 Structured Water units developed and provided by Liala, we would not have the enjoyable lives we do today. In the last year, because of many of the positive changes, our health specialists were finally able to discover some of the underlying causes to our past difficulties. We are thus continuing to see improvements and we now actually see benefits quickly and long term from health treatments. Again, this was not so for more than 30 years in our experience.


Our daughter developed challenges that were exacerbated when away from home, particularly gluten sensitivity and asthma attacks that had not been present since childhood. Using the L-8 structured water we “charged” some jewelry including her gold Claddagh ring following instructions. Since wearing the charged jewelry and using the portable water unit on her travels, her symptoms became non-symptoms. Her travels consist of multiple international flights, to and from the U.S.A, Australia, Hawaii, Taiwan, Paris, Austria, and more. In addition, she has had no bowel issues related to poor water quality while living in Taiwan and travelling in other tropical climates.


Recently, Wendy was under the weather, and it was suggested some additional EMF protection may be beneficial. We “charged” her wedding band 4 weeks ago, and she improved immediately and continues to be well.


We live in a heavy hard water area, with plenty of lime stone. We discontinued use of the water softener when we installed the whole home structured water unit. Since then, we had no issues with any scaling or appliance functioning. We had an issue with the furnace humidifier, which we will resolve this winter with a descaling filter rather than return to a softener.


This water has been a real blessing to our lives, as has the occasional informative discussions with Liala.


Thank you.


Aengus & Wendy,

Ontario, Canada



October 2019


Apologies for taking so long to write to you about the benefits I have experienced from using Structured Water imbued with your L-8 Transceiver Technology. I call it "Liala water", because you developed it, and it is easier for me to remember and to say :)  


As I told you by phone, the Lord led me to your EarthCalm website, because I was extremely electrosensitive. I identified that sensitivity as a major underlying cause of the disabling chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivities I experienced for decades. In 2011 when praying for help in Church I was told, "Buy what you need". Having previously had no idea that what I needed existed, I began searching online. When I found and read the website, I felt it was my answer. 


I initially bought the EarthCalm home protection system, protectors for the cell phone and internet modem and a resonator pendant. I thought they were all I needed to protect me from EMF because they enabled me to use a cell phone with no ill effects. Over the next 6 years, I bought more EarthCalm products directed by God’s Guidance. 


It took me months to build up to the full strength of the home protection system. After I moved to a new home in 2013, I repeated the process so another resident, who was frail, could adapt to the system. My health declined rapidly during that long period of reduced protection. By the time the other resident adapted I again sought Liala's help, and purchased a booster to the EarthCalm home protection system. It proved to be insufficient for me and my health continued to decline.


Several months later, in October 2014, yet another booster for the EarthCalm home protection system became available and I immediately purchased it. By then I was extremely ill and reactive to everything; too disabled to leave home; mostly in bed; only by God's grace able to meet my most basic survival needs; and isolated by extreme sensitivities to everything. My health decline stopped when I plugged in the second booster for the home protection system. I could feel that something was different and better, but continued to be extremely ill and disabled. 


At the close of 2015 I linked my worst periods to my use of the landline phone and exposure to its cord and wiring. Those offenders explained why I was not feeling appreciably better. I stopped using the phone and removed the wiring from my living area. I also removed the internet wiring and used the home's electrical grid to transmit the internet signal. That was the final "piece" in connecting all sources of EMF in my living space to the EarthCalm home protection system. After making those changes my depleted body began to heal slowly. 


By the summer of 2017, I was using all of the EarthCalm products (except those for pets) and many in multiple. This included the home protection system with 2 boosters, several EarthCalm bracelets on each arm, many EarthCalm Resonator pendants inside a cloth belt, the EarthCalm shield around my bed and several EarthCalm devices on my wifi modem and multiple wireless routers. (The EarthCalm protected multiple routers were to amplify resonance to Earth’s field in every part of my home and out into the yard.) 


Over time, the EarthCalm products brought tremendous benefits. Using them saved my life, for which I was and am extremely grateful to Liala and to EarthCalm. I know, and affirm, that it was really the Lord Jesus Christ who saved my life. However, in addition to His miraculous interventions, He made it clear to me that EarthCalm was absolutely vital.  


My Use of “Liala Water”


I shared my story to let interested persons know that "Liala water" is more powerfully beneficial than all the EarthCalm devices I was using. I purchased the L-8 infused Structured Water Portable Unit and Shower Head in December 2018. The improvements in my energy and strength provided by Liala water were quickly noticeable and increased over time.


Liala water liberated me, in less than a month, from having to wear so many EarthCalm devices 24/7. I now wear only 2 EarthCalm Resonator pendants and continue to use the EarthCalm home protection system, all of which I structured using Liala's technology. I also structured my cell phone. I did not expect to feel anything different from the phone because it had an EarthCalm protector. To my surprise, the phone became so strongly positive that it initially caused an alarm reaction in my body; likely because my body was not used to that strength of connection to Earth's healing frequencies.


I am so thankful I had Liala water before I moved my residence twice in three months this year! The increased energy and strength it gave me were essential, as was the resistance to EMFs! 


It is important to note that I had already been consuming and bathing in structured water for years. (Editor’s note: the customer was not using the NAT Structured Water Unit.) I believe the structured water I was using before was as good as the best available - until Liala developed her L-8 Transceiver Technology. Now I would like everyone to know about and have access to "Liala water"!


Thank you, Liala, for being an instrument in the hands of God to provide help, hope and healing to His children in our day and age. 




Jeanne Arnold

British Columbia, Canada



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