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Use of NAT Structured Water Units In a Grow Operation


What to Expect


The wide array of benefits available from using NAT structured water make it ideal for improving your grow. We have a 1 acre farm in southern Oregon and use the NAT water structuring technology there. We have other growers in this field who also use the technology. Collectively we report overall improvements at every phase including increased DO. We continually collect data and testimony. Our long term observations have been verified by our own isolated testing and multiple customer reports.


Based on the known properties of structured water and the observations and testimony, the water produced by the NAT structured water unit positively impacts every aspect of the entire grow. The enhancement results in bigger and faster growing crops. As well, application of structured water improves stability (tolerance to severe principle imbalances due to natural or engineered causes) and enhances growth and bio-energy levels. The following benefits can be expected on a well-maintained farm/facility:


* increased femalized seed sprouting success

* increased root structure growth and health

* increased nutrient uptake

* increased dissolved oxygen when source water is typically low (ie. well water)

* decreased toxic effects from environment

* increased water retention in soil

* increased bud number

*reduced water use


It can be noted that the magnitude and timing of the above listed improvements will vary as there are Influencing variables that are unique to each grow operation. Also, that use of structured water reduces corrosion in plumbing lines and related water equipment.


Support to Growers


Our NAT dealer, Liala Ackerman will help with a cost effective installation plan to achieve optimal distribution of highly energized structured water for your entire farm or grow facility. Your customized plan will specify product type and size, locations, and number of units based on principles that apply when moving structured water in straight pipes. To start, Liala requires a process diagram that you provide in DWG or PDF. Your diagram should show the irrigation system from source to end distribution and approximate distances from source to holding tanks and key distribution points.



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Letter from Jonathan Butts, CEO, Natural Action Technologies


Natural Action Technologies has documented remarkable enhancements in Cannabis grow operations (farm, greenhouse) associated with the use Structured Water generated with the NAT device.

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