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Understanding EMF Health Disturbance


By Liala Ackerman, Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS) Expert, Product Specialist, Advanced Health Technologies, Toronto, Canada

This article is revised from the original published April 2013 on www.earthcalm.ca



The Body’s Electrical Foundations


The human body is driven by an electrical system that produces, transmits and receives electromagnetic frequencies. We are electromagnetic phenomena and we extend far beyond just the physical/matter. Every component of the body emits an energy field. Those fields combine to produce the body’s bio-energetic field, which is also referred to as an  “auric field”. The images below shows human bio-energetic fields and were photographed with the GDV camera invented by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. (Dr. Korotkov is a pioneer in  Electrophotonics.) 


collage of images with 5 head shots and of a person standing with his arms outstretched on either side of another person. All figures have curved lines extebdubg out, respresenting the natural electrical bio-energy fields of the human body.


The flow of electricity through the body is as vital to the body as the flow of blood. The body’s nervous system and acupuncture meridian system serve as pathways for the transmission of the electrically encoded information that drives the body, including the body’s healing; as well as informs it about the external environment.


The illustrations below show the energy flow in the nervous system (2 images on the left ) and the meridian system (image on the right). 


 a male head, torso and partial arms illustrated to show the bone structure.             silhouette of a male body,  with the brain, nervous system and bone structure visible.              silhouette of a male body with lines extnding down the torso, arms and legs, to represent the acupuncture meridian energy pathways of the electrical body.


Electrical activity also takes place at the cellular level. Cells produce electrical current that result in the high speed transmission of electrical signals.




A 6 petaled shape with 4 spheres in the center depicting the atom. This image is animated. to depict the electricity activley moving in the atom.

At the atomic level, the body’s smallest components are electrically charged elements held together due to their electrical charges.  


Research, over the last decade, by University of Washington’s Bio-engineering Professor, Dr. Gerald Pollack, indicates,


1. in terms of the number of molecules, water molecules constitute over 99 percent of the human body and

2. cell functioning is tied to electromagnetic interface between the cell and energies of surrounding water molecules.


Dr. Pollack’s work, in combination with volumes of research by water researchers, and other scientists, clearly indicates,


 the quality of the water that is consumed, and the electromagnetic information that water carries throughout the body, are 2 of the most important determinants of health.


Physical, emotional and cognitive processes are driven by the body’s own electromagnetic mechanisms, which are today subjected to the artificial electromagnetic signals of man-made EMFs. EMFs generated by electrical and wireless devices are like dynamic entities, that extend indefinitely in space and cause other electromagnetic charges and currents to move.

The frequency of man-made EMFs just below the natural frequency in the human body.  Resonance is established when the body’s natural frequency diminishes to be closely similar to the frequency of man-made EMFs and the human body. This resonance compromises the body’s natural electromagnetic underpinnings and needs. 


Resonance is created when one frequency rises or drops to come into rest with another frequency. When two frequencies come together like this, a form of union is established through which a flow of energy and information takes place, allowing for a reciprocal exchange.


Through the phenomena of resonance, the body inducts and absorbs currents from electricity and wireless radiation (EMFs) in the environment and has no natural mechanism to repel or eliminate these currents. The body’s water retains and carries EMFs that enter the body.

Living in an electrified world and using devices that emit biologically chaotic EMFs, subjects the body to electromagnetic currents that potentially disrupt the electromagnetic charges and currents involved in the body’s own functioning.


Absorption of Electrical Currents from AC Electricity


Homes, buildings and other structures have AC electrical systems, which use wiring to transmit electricity having alternating current; appliances and electric powered devices operate through the electricity provided by AC electrical systems. When within an electrified structure, such as the home, the body whose frequency has been diminished resonates to the AC electrical system. When resonance is established between the body and the AC electrical system, energy is transferred from the electrical wiring and appliances into the body’s nervous system.


Through the principle of induction, EMFs from AC electrical systems induce biologically meaningless currents in the body’s own electrical system: the body’s nervous system and brain. (Biologically-meaningless current is generated in the nervous system due to the fact that AC electricity is an electromagnetic field that is alternating or pulsing back and forth.)  The retention of induced electrical currents into the body disrupts the flow of the body’s own electricity.


The foreign energy of the EMFs, in the body, knocks ions out of the cells and interferes with the metabolism within the cells. This phenomenon leads to deficiencies in calcium (contributing to arthritis, anxiety), lithium (depression, schizophrenia), and potassium (Alzheimer's).

This energy transfer also generates stress hormones in the body, which in turn slowly erode the immune system. This is in addition to the myriad of documented effects of EMFs on the body’s functioning.  


Absorption of Microwave, High Frequency

and Radio Frequency


The body also establishes resonance with, and transfers energy and information from microwave radiation; such as that emitted by wireless and internet-ready devices. The body has the ability to read and translate the microwaves’ high frequency, digital changes, in analog fashion. When this happens, resonance is established between the body and the microwave radiation. An explanation of this process is presented in Cross Currents, which is written by Dr. Robert Becker, one of the earliest researchers into the effects of electricity on the human body. The result is that the human body absorbs microwave radiation, even though heat is not necessarily generated.


The absorption of cell phone radiation, in particular, has been shown to have an ionizing effect on the human brain, actually heating up portions of the brain if used long enough. Over time, microwave radiation from cell phones is dangerous to mental functioning and creativity, because it progressively reduces the ability to think clearly and undermines high level functioning.


Chronic Dysfunction and EMF Accumulation


In addition to corrupting the body’s electromagnetic processes, the presence of biologically meaningless entities (EMFs) in the body triggers immune responses that weaken and cause disorder of the immune system. The immune responses include a reorganization of the body’s energies, reduction in the permeability of the cell membrane walls and suppression of activities. The body’s persistent response to the invading EMFs diverts the body’s healing energies away from where they are needed, impedes the body’s healing energies and weakens the immune system. This acute stress response ( sympathetic arousal ),  prevents optimal health and the true expression of the individual. 


Click to Learn how EMFs affect physical, cognitive and emotional functioning and the implications for child development.


EMFs Impede the Body’s Ability to Access Natural and Life-Important Planetary Frequencies


Another dangerous, yet indirect aspect of EMFs, is that when EMFs enter the human body, the consequential resonance and exchange of energy weakens the body’s natural resonance with the Earths electromagnetic frequencies. Further, it diminishes the exchange of information from the Earth’s frequencies to the human body. 


The body's accumulation of currents, from ongoing absorption of  EMFs, causes the body to resonate closer to EMFs, than to Earth's field. This causes the body to become less "tuned in" to, and, therefore, less receptive, to the natural frequencies of Earth's electromagnetic field. 

EMFS pollute Earths' natural electrical airwaves. In an electrified environment, this junk overrides and “drowns out” Earth's natural frequencies, making the important information they carry, less accessible to the body.


Studies in Bio-engineering have found, when the human body, is isolated from Earth’s natural frequencies, symptoms of declining health - a death spiral, quickly sets in. (For further details about the relationship between health and Earth’s natural electromagnetic frequencies, see:  Your Body Craves Earth’s Natural Electrical Waves: the Dilemma of Enjoying Normal Good Health in a Wireless Age.)


The Biological Consequences of

EMF Absorption and Accumulation


EMFs degrade physical, emotional and mental health, impedes healing processes and “hurts” the “electro-sensitive”; those so weakened by EMFs that the body responds immediately with pain-inducing reactions when exposed to EMFs. (For more details see   EMF Effects on the Body and on Child Development)


There is massive and growing reports on evidence of the adverse biological affects of electrification of the environment and the use of wireless devices. The toll on the body increases with continued EMF accumulation and the manifestations vary between individuals. Continuous EMF accumulation contributes to impairment, declining health and reduced sense-of-well-being. It is also manifest in the emerging health condition often referred to as, “electrosensitivity” (also referred to as electromagnetic sensitivity, electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), electrohypersensitivity, and electrical sensitivity (ES)). Individuals with this condition experience discomforting, intolerable and sometimes life-altering symptoms when exposed to the electromagnetic fields or frequencies (EMFs) produced by electricity and wireless technology.


“In June 2012, Toronto’s Women’s College Hospital issued a press release declaring Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity an emerging health condition. Dr. Riina Bray, Medical Director of the hospital’s Environmental Health Clinic also announced an initiative to train family doctors in recognizing symptoms of the condition. When asked about these developments, Dr. Riina Bray, Medical Director, of the hospital’s Environmental Health Clinic, commented:


picture of Dr. Riina Bray, Medical Director, Environmental Health Clinic,  Womens College Hospital, speaking at wireless radiation conference about Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) as an emerging health condition.


Dr. Riina Bray, Medical Director , Environmental Health Clinic,  WCH


“Every year we are getting more and more people coming in ....I’m very concerned, because the stories are very, very compelling ....These are not crazy people. There is a huge, huge problem.”


National Post’” newspaper, August 11, 2012. http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/sick-of-wi-fi-the-debate-over-its-safety-is-not-going-away


Neuroscientists, bio-physicists, doctors of environmental medicine and other experts, who study and observe global trends, agree the incidence of electrosensitivity is increasing rapidly and will be prevalent in 50% of the world population by 2017. 


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 A female toddlersitting on the floor with one hand on the keyboard of a computer laptop that is on the floor in front of her. In her other hand, she is holding a cell phone to her head.  Above her is a shape depicting the rooofline of a house and outside  the home, a large cellphone towerand 3 smaller cell phone towers. hydro generating/transmission station, hydro poles and their wires



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the Dilemma of Enjoying Normal Good Health

 in a Wireless Age


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Logo for Vibrancy Water and  link to the homepage. The logo shows 2 counter rotating swirls symbolizing the multi vortex water technology that is built into the Vibrancy Water structuring device.


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