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Dynamically Enhanced and Infused with L-8 Transceiver Technology


In response to the drastic increase in environmental toxins since introduction of the Original Structured Water unit, the flow-form structuring elements are now made with a combination of rare all natural proprietary materials. These materials transfer properties into the water without physically adding anything to the water. This ‘passive water treatment’ alters the organizational levels of the water’s molecules to a higher degree than what active structuring can accomplish. The result is an amplification of water’s natural properties and functions: the Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water Unit produces Structured Water that has an energy signature that is one and a half to two times stronger than what is produced by the Original Structured water unit.


Our Unique L-8 Transceiver Technology




1. Safeguard the human body and all living things from biologically harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

2. Powerfully boost access to the electromagnetic signals of Earth’s bio-energetic field.


Earth’s bio-energetic field is the natural electromagnetic environment meant for all life. It delivers unique vital electromagnetic signals that are blocked out by the body’s induction of EMF and by environmental EMF (electro-pollution).


Effect during the structuring process: Powerfully neutralizes EMF that are inducted into the water.


Usefulness in the Structured Water: The Structured Water produced by these units provides a means for healthful and sensible EMF remediation. This EMF solution,


anchors the body’s bio-energy field in Earth’s Bio-energetic field for powerful EMF resilience; and

extends application to fields produced by EMF emitters (cell phone, router and other wireless devices, electrical system and associated appliances and lighting).


With zero impact on performance, reconfigured EMF emitters produce electromagnetic fields that resemble and attract the electromagnetic frequencies of Earth’s bio-energetic field. Learn about L-8 TRANSCEIVER TECHNOLOGY 


Before you review the products, note that


The number of flow form structuring elements that are in the unit is directly related to the amount of energy that is generated in the water as it passes through the unit. The greater the number, the greater the amount of energy.


Structured Water research shows that Structured Water incorporates the vibration of its immediate surroundings. Further, that Structured Water diminishes quickly in environments in which there is adversity and chaos and lasts longer in a harmonious peaceful environment. It has also been discovered that Structured Water can incorporate the energies of thoughts and beliefs. It can be concluded, therefore, that having an attitude of positive expectations about the water when preparing or using your Structured Water, supports best taste experience and optimal water performance. (see About Structured Water)


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Whole House Unit 



$1,860CAD     $1,477USD





Whole House Unit  NAT Item: Super Size


This unit makes healthful energized balanced Structured Water available at every water faucet including outdoor hose bibs. You will thus enjoy all of the benefits of Structured Water for drinking, cooking, shower/bath, laundry, pets, plants, garden ….all water uses. 


The unit installs simply on the main water line at any point between the water meter and the feed to the hot water tank, or on a well’s holding tank. Installation by a licensed and bonded plumber is recommended.


The flow of Structured Water through the plumbing system de-scales pipes and fixtures.


Length: Varies  from 16″ to 22″ depending on connector type
Connection Sizes Available: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″.and NPT Adaptable for sizes 1” and less. The NPT Adaptable makes for simple future relocation to another home


Activation: 24 ball flow form structuring elements

Under Sink Unit



 $626CAD     $497USD



Under Sink Unit NAT Item: Standard Size

This unit gives you healthful energizing Structured Water directly and immediately from the sink faucet, for drinking, cooking, cleaning, watering plants ….whatever your water needs. This power-packed unit contains 50% of the same structuring elements that are built into the Whole House unit

The under sink unit is prepared ready to install under the counter onto the ½’ cold water side of the tap and the 3/8’ angle/straight stop valve. For your convenience purchase includes one 1/2” x 3/8” flex hose and one 1/2” x1/2” flex hose. Installation is completed in minutes by someone qualified to do plumbing work.

The unit is bi-directional and can be mounted in any direction. The Under Sink Unit can be easily uninstalled for relocation elsewhere.


Length:  7.5″ with connectors 8.5″ 

Connection Size: 1/2″ MNPT + two 12″ connecting hoses

Activation: 12 ball flow form structuring elements


Shower Unit



$437CAD     $347USD




Shower Unit NAT Item: Compact


Enjoy a refreshing and health enriching shower in safe and soft Structured Water. The structured shower water is nourishes, moisturizes and softens hair and skin - actually improves their condition. Less soap and shampoo are needed because Structured Water increases their effectiveness. You can enjoy the same luxury in bathwater, when you use water from the shower head to fill the tub. The use of Structured Water in the shower deters scale and mold and makes residues easily removable from shower surfaces and curtain liners.


The unit is prepared ready for installation. No plumbing skills are required. Simply screw off the existing shower head, screw the unit onto the water pipe, then screw the shower head  onto the shower unit.



Connections:  Standard 1/2" diameter threaded pipe
Dimensions:   Height: 5"  Weight:  9.4 oz.
Activation: 6 ball flow form structuring elements

Portable Unit with Multiple Uses




$500CAD        $397USD



Portable Unit  NAT Item: Portable


This unit can be used in home or during travel to structure water or any non-hot beverage. All you need is gravity! To structure liquids, simply pour into the top (large end) and point the spout into glass or other container. The liquid pours through immediately with no wait time or capacity limit. When used to structure milk, juices and wine, the unit should be rinsed through with hot tap water.  


Dishwasher Safe


* This power-packed unit contains 50% of the same structuring elements that are built into the Whole House unit.

* The canister is made with the same, practically indestructible  ABS plastic used for kitchen appliances.

* Embossed with the “Wu Wei”, which means “Natural Action” in the hand grip area for easier handling.

* Lightweight at just 10 oz.

* Drains easily and can be stored standing on either end.


Length:  7.5″ Diameter: 2-3/8”
Weight:  10 oz.

Activation: 12 ball flow form structuring elements


Unique Benefits of the Portable unit


1. Use to supercharge the energies of your water and other liquids

2. Use for Structured Breathing (A tube is included with your purchase).


Call for details: 416-222-2368 1-888-993-9123

More than Just for Gardens




$626CAD      $497USD   




Garden Unit   NAT Item: Standard Size


This unit is portable and can be quickly and temporarily connected for use. The Garden unit attaches at one end to the faucet and to the hose at the other end. In addition to the direct benefit for plants and vegetation, structured water enriches the soil and breaks down the hardpan soil. Water use reduces by up to 30% because Structured Water is more absorbable than regular water. The unit is also suitable for use on a hot tub, RV or bus holding tank.


This power-packed unit contains 50% of the same structuring elements that are built into the Whole House unit.

Connection Size:  3/4″ Male and Female Garden Hose Connectors.


Dishwasher Safe


Now You Can.

With a Garden Unit!




Length with connectors: 


8 1/4″


1 lb, 8 oz

Activation ball flow form structuring elements



When using the Garden Unit for drinking water, a white, non-toxic hose is recommended. This white hose is available from camping, RV, and most hardware stores.

Commercial Unit  (for pipe sizes over 1”)



 $2,766CAD         $2,197USD



Turn Your Pool into Pure Pleasure.


Install it, enjoy the benefits, and forget it. Learn more


Commercial Unit

This unit brings the unique enhancement benefits of Structured Water into your business, be it a farm, green house, restaurant, hotel, resort, swimming pool, salon & spa or production facility. The unit provides maximum performance in applications that use 1.25” to 2” pipes. The unit can be attached to the swimming pool pump to continuously circulate Structured Water in the pool and minimize or eliminate the need for chemicals or other agents.

Purchase includes a 2’ Adaptable/National Pipe Thread with Unions. This enables the plumber installing the Unit the ability to adapt down to a smaller pipe size and attach any type fitting easily.

Please contact us for a consultation of your needs.


Length: 22-3/4”   Weight: 5lb to 7lb

Activation: 24 Flow Form Structuring Elements



Industrial and High Flow Structuring Units


These stainless steel units are made for use in water processing facilities, restaurants, chemical plants, beer and wine facilities, and facilities that require processing up to a million gallons per minute. 


Please contact us for details.

"The units themselves are pretty basic. There are no moving parts, no chemicals, no filters, no magnets, no electricity needed to run this. The inside is Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry has to do with everything. It IS everything. Basically this unit helps water to go back to its perfect structure that it has in nature. Structured water has a life force energy. Anything good for life is carried on the outside of the water molecule and easily assimilated. Anything not good for life is pulled to the inside of the molecule and shielded. So life becomes the filter, passing through and going back into nature. Structured water has a balanced spin of counter-rotating fields. The more balanced the spin, the more equal, the more pure the structure. Living water in its natural state has the same counter-rotating fields. All I've done is create a balanced field so water can remember its natural state."

Clayton Note, Inventor of  Natural Action Water structuring units.




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