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Nature’s Water Structuring Process

Potentiated by Optimum-A Structuring Technology

Enhanced with Immunity+ and  L-8 Transceiver Technology


Animation of ocean waves with counter rotating vortexes in action. Animation of oceans waves with counter rotating vortexes in action.  


The flow and counter flows of balanced left and right rotating fields, create an environment of dynamic shear and pressure differentials that turns water into a machine. 


Vibrancy Water Structuring Units uses Nature's own processes (Biomimetics) to refresh water and restore it’s innate life giving energies, properties and full potential. The unit is completely Nature-driven and truly maintenance-free.


The working part of the water structuring unit is the water itself passing over a series of precision-engineered elements as it travels through a precision-engineered chamber. The travel creates an environment within the unit, that allows the water to clean itself, as happens in Nature, under the right conditions. Under those conditions the water flows at maximum velocity in specific geometrical patterns– balanced left and right rotating multi-directional spins that form vortexes.


The velocity and spinning action that is created in the structuring unit were calibrated to reach the perfect speed for the perfect dynamic of change and maximum results.



The Vibrancy Water unit and it’s structuring elements are so precisely engineered, that as little as 1 drop of water dropped into the structuring unit, will proceed in balanced multi-directional spins and exit structured.




The Structuring Event


The following chart shows the sequence of natural actions that return water to original life-serving condition.


flow chart showing the processes and outcomes involved in the Structuring Event that  revitalizes water to its natural innate condition.



As shown in the above chart, the force of the rushing spinning water molecules builds bio-photonic energy (life force energy) oxygen and hydrogen. The increase in hydrogen ions establishes a natural pH level of a balanced 7.2 –7.5, which is considered “alkaline”.


Increase in the Hydrogen Bond Angle

A “Mechanism of Change”


The above charts also indicates that the thrashing movements associated with the high speed spinning, relocates the hydrogen atoms. They are shifted to a position that creates an increase in the angle at which they connect to the oxygen atoms. Specifically, an increase to 60o. The union of 2 structured hydrogen atoms to a single oxygen atom, produces a hydrogen bond angle of 120O ( 60o + 60o).





Structured Water  Molecule                 


One large circle connected with lines to  2 smaller  circles with information to show a bond angle of 120 degrees.    


It can be noted that, the bond angle for water that classifies as Structured Water, varies between 114.50 degrees, for water that is minimally structured and 120 degrees, for water that is optimally structured. A bond of angle of 114.5 degree or larger is needed for immediate passage through the cell membrane wall.



Hydrogen atoms exist in everything and are foundational building blocks. Consequently, when hydrogen atoms shift position, there is instant and radical displacement of the associated molecules. The displacement that happens during the Structuring Event, instantly changes the physical characteristics of the water molecules.


The physical characteristics match up with underlying energy patterns. Thus the changes in the molecule’s physical, triggers changes in the underlying energies. Molecular Displacement similarly impacts the physical characteristics and energies of water borne chemicals and physical matter.


“The Structured Energy pattern of water is a formulation that is zero point perfection. Structured hydrogen is coherent energy. It is hydrogen in perfection. Structured hydrogen changes everything it comes in contact with so that their hydrogen atoms are also brought into perfection. Thus, all things that come in contact with Structured Water are brought back to the perfection of Nature’s life-affirming design.” Clayton Nolte, water researcher, inventor, inventor of the Flowform Structured Water Unit and Co-developer of the Vibrancy water Structuring Unit.


Changes that Result from the Increase

in the Hydrogen Bond Angle to 120o


The surface tension (viscosity) of the water molecule is returned to natural level, thereby undoing the hardening effects of its travel though plumbing lines and city filtration/purification systems. (It is due to reduced surface tension, that Structured Water does not form a bubble and remain on a slippery smooth surface, such as a newly waxed car and instead slides off.)


Water’s travel through plumbing lines and filtration/purification systems also causes water molecules to gather in large disorganized groups, or “clusters” of low energy molecules. The change in the hydrogen bond angle and consequential molecular displacement, causes the large clusters to reassemble into smaller high-energy clusters of 6 molecules (Hexagonal Water). The reassembly reflects water’s innate drive to be in the original balanced condition that Nature intended. Each 6 molecule cluster resembles a symmetrical 6-pointed crystalline star. Thus, the water molecules regain their innate configuration, which is exactly right for immediate passage through the cell membrane and instant hydration of the cells.


The image below shows the hydrogen bond angle, cluster size and coherence before (left) and after (right) structuring.


orbs in a disorganized pattern and  to its right, the same orb arranged in a 6 pointed star shape pattern. The shtar shape represents Structured Water molecules in a cluster.



Water Borne Elements


The molecular displacement and energetic changes deconstruct physical and chemical elements into dust-like particles. Those elements are taken out of solution and free of the underlying energies or qualities, which would make them absorbable or able to adhere to each other and other physical matter.


When water containing structured particles evaporates, the fine dust-like particles are easily wiped off. When consumed, the structured particles are removed by the body’s elimination system same as other physical waste material.



Healthful Minerals


Their geometry and energy patterns are redefined in a way that increases absorption and energetic value to the body.



Biologically Useless Energy Patterns

Clearing of Memory and Energies Contained in Water Borne Elements


Molecular displacement causes these energies to be released and eliminated. Concurrently, the positively charged ions, which are the biologically problematic element, are absorbed/consumed by the abundant negative hydrogen ions and negatively charged oxygen that are brought in during structuring. Thus, water borne elements are energetically disarmed and the water molecule’s memory (storage capacity) is freed up for future loads.


Water Softness


The water’s natural softness (46 Dynes) is restored as a result of the reduced surface tension and cluster size, cleared memory and the restructuring of minerals. The abundance of photonic energy also makes Structured Water softer feeling than ordinary water. 


As a result of the processes that occur during the Structuring Event, the energy pattern underlying the water molecule is redefined to reflect energies that are entirely life-giving and an array of properties that make it fully prepared to perform efficiently at every task. Concurrently, the physical characteristics of the water molecules change to reflect the hydrogen bond angle of 120o , 6 molecule cluster size and underlying coherent balanced energies.


Documentation of Structuring Effects on

Tap Water


May 2012 Study by AG Haglis

Crystallization Analysis Study 


In May 2012, Hagalis AG, a testing laboratory in Germany, published its independent study on the effects observed in water processed through a  Nature driven portable Structured Water Unit, invented by Clayton Nolte and manufactured by his Natural Action company. The study was conducted by Head Researcher, Andreas Schultz, who is considered a leading expert on analysis of Structured Water ( Andreas Schultz, “Water Crystals: Making the Quality of Water Visible”, 2005, Floris Books.) Information about the testing procedures and Hagalis is available here.


The images below show the differences observed in the Hagalis study, between the sample tap water (left) and the water processed through the Clayton Nolte’s structuring unit (right). According to the researchers, the grid-like pattern evident in the tap water sample (left) represents toxins. Whereas, the structured water sample (right) shows no evidence of toxins and shows 6-pointed star shaped (hexagonal) structures, which uniquely identifies Structured Water. 


a grid of lines with 90 degree angles and square shaped elements.


Sample of Neutral Tap Water, Bottighofen, Switzerland. The 90 degree angular structures represent toxic substances. 

lines intersecting to form star shapes.


Structured sample of Bottighofen tap water processed one time, with a Natural Action Water structuring device.  


According to the researcher, Andreas Schultz, the above photos also show physical evidence of increased bio-availability and bio-photonic (life force) energy, removal of toxins and the formation of star shaped clusters.


Schultz reports: ”Water research indicates the star shaped structures seen in the above structured sample, only appear in very high quality water of natural origin.”


“Various star-shaped structures are shown in the structured water picture that did not exist in that form in the neutral sample (tap water). At the same time,  there are 60o angle structures that dominate the complete picture. This is a clear indication for a highly increased quality due to the structured water unit, since such structures can only appear in very high quality water that is of natural origin. This indicates a highly increased quality to the Nolte structured water unit since such structures can only appear in high-quality water of a natural origin. There are no indications of 90° angular structures which would represent toxins or toxic substances. On the contrary, it can be established that the bioavailability and biological quality have obviously increased. The Structured Water unit is not only able to neutralize negative effects, but it can also restructure the water, so it obtains a significant natural positive quality.”


The researchers also reported that the structured sample was found to have increased biological quality, a higher presence of trace elements and minerals, higher and more positive energy balance and “a significant surplus of energy”. The following is from the report’s summary.


Not only biologically, but also in technical terms, there are very clear results that the quality of the water has increased after treatment with the Nolte Coherent Structured Water Unit from the company ARLIS HISPANIA S.L. The crystallization process has had extensive restructuring in which the bioavailability of the water has been significantly improved.


Therefore, the sample has achieved a water quality level that is normally only to be found in high-quality natural spring water. In comparison with the neutral sample, or other comparable tap water, it definitely shows a considerable improvement in quality.


The sample was evaluated with the grade of 1.8 and the result was Good with a tendency to Very Good.


The full report can be read HERE




Additional Events That Occur During Structuring Using the Vibrancy Structured Water Unit


L-8 Transceiver Technology


EMF/EMR exposure and absorption of EMF energy, introduces positively charged ions and impedes water’s performance—especially its absorption into the cells; surface tension and cluster size increase significantly, memory storage capacity reduces and the molecules disorganize. The frequencies of L-8 Transceiver Technology are introduced into water as it passes through the unit. The synergy produces abundant energies associated with Earth’s electromagnetic field, which are vitalizing bio-signals comprised of negatively charged ions.


During Structuring, the influx of abundant Earthly frequencies participates in the elimination of biologically useless energies. As well, the water is well prepared to avert damage during future exposure to EMF/EMF.


The richness of planetary bio signals enhances biological EMF resilience and healing processes and extends EMF remediation to include EMF emitters. MORE




A colossal package of frequencies are introduced into the water as it passes through the unit. These include all of Nature’s vitalizing frequencies– nourishment that fuels Earth’s entire bubble of life. (The cell only accepts what is needed for proper cellular function, when needed. The unused frequencies are carried out through the elimination system.)  Also included are frequencies that are important for the water’s own health. 


“Sacred Geometry has to do with everything. It IS everything. Basically this unit helps water to go back to its perfect structure that it has in nature. Structured water has a life force energy. Anything good for life is carried on the outside of the water molecule and easily assimilated. Anything not good for life is pulled to the inside of the molecule and shielded. So life becomes the filter, passing through and going back into nature. Structured water has a balanced spin of left and right rotating fields. The more balanced the spins, the more equal, the more pure the structure. Living water in its natural state has the same balanced left and right rotating fields. All I've done is create an environment so water can remember its natural state." Clayton Nolte, Co-Developer, Vibrancy Water Structuring Unit.



Logo for Vibrancy Water and  link to the homepage. The logo shows 2 counter rotating swirls symbolizing the multi vortex water technology that is built into the Vibrancy Water structuring device.


 Take Your Health

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bright beam of light illuminating sparkling clear blue water in which, there is in the foreground, a crystalline coherent structured water molecule with 6 points, hexagonal water, ez water


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