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Related image   Vine of oversized grapes grown with Structaured Water sent in as a testimony to the effects of Strucured Water in agriculture.

Three weeks after she started drinking the structured water everything had changed!  She said when she started drinking the water it was like she woke up from a sleep of several years. 



The following is a small selection of testimonials regarding the Structured Water produced by Clayton Nolte’s 1st Generation Structured Water Unit, which was made available in 2005. The Structured Water generated by the Vibrancy Water Unit is more highly energized and, therefore, exceeds at delivering the benefits associated with Structured Water. The results are yet to be realized with use, however, testimonials will be added to this page as they become available.


The home unit was installed 3 months ago. On the first day, my daughter commented that the glass of water felt energized in her hand. She was not aware that I had purchased and installed the unit on the water line. The water tastes incredibly smooth and light and seems to vaporize in my mouth. That first week, I replaced 8 inches of the water in my swimming pool with the structured water. Since that day, the PH reading remains constant at 7.5 and the alkalinity remains at 80. This, is despite on going rain and heavy thunderstorms. The pool water feels more buoyant and is very pleasurable. Both the indoor and outdoor plants are flourishing. Martin E. Toronto, Ontario

I’m writing to let you know that I’m enjoying the home unit. I ’ve had a  reverse osmosis system for years. I’m so glad that I switched to the water structuring unit. The water tastes so good– I just love it.  I noticed an amazing improvement in the condition of one of my goldfish that is a result of the structured water.  The goldfish had a large tumor for almost a year. Just after I started using the structured water in the tank, I noticed that the tumor was reducing in size. Within a month, the tumor completely disappeared. I know the water is responsible, because I haven’t done anything different other than introduce the structured water.      Shelley B. Downsview, Ontario


 I have much more wildlife on the property and my wife uses the structured water to fill up the water trays for the birds.  Our greenhouse is enjoying the structured water--we have a pond in there as well, and there is no algae. I know the vegetable plants and herbs are really enjoying this new level of coherence.

I think our land (we have 3 acres) has improved its energy level.  We have had some issues with neighbors, but all of those conflicts have dissipated and I have manifested what we want with our land....The energy reminds me of the energy I feel when I sit at some of the vortexes in Sedona.  I have noticed that I have more energy, and have more availability within myself to observe the mind.  I have started 3 very sick patients on your filters.

Take good care,  Love,  Sam B. 

Being a skeptic by nature and profession, I am a scientist; I am leery of any claims that are put on a product.  Show me the proof.  When my wife first approached me on a unit that could be attached in line with our water system that would not only improve water but could actually improve our health I could only think she had been suckered in by a fast talking charlatan selling snake oil remedies.  I agreed to have a unit (Structured Water) installed on the condition that it came with a money back trial if we were not satisfied.  Thinking that this was a no brainier and we would get our money back I could save face and tell my wife “see I told you.”  Much to my surprise the first time I took a shower I had the sensation that I had used a conditioner on my head.  Truly it could not be that on the very first use that I would feel results.  I then decided to drink some and immediately on raising my glass to my mouth realized that it did not smell like our tap water.  On tasting the water it was evident that it was different.  I am not certain how it works at least from a scientific point other than to say that I understood the scientific reason behind the principal.  Structured water is an apt name as that is exactly what it does.  I am so convinced by the unit that when I asked my wife what was it called she said that the product was so new that they had just recently named it.  I told her that it should be called “miracle water”.  I believe so much in the product that I have purchased additional units for all my family especially for my daughter who has a new born.  I would never return this product for any reason Ed C. - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Shower water structuring unit.  The water feels and tastes great.  Even my girlfriend, who is a neuroscientist (translation: trained skeptic) couldn't believe how much better the water tasted than my tap water.                    Andy M. - Larchmont, New York

I want to share a few observations with you about the water.  First, I can't stop looking at it :-)  It is truly a beautiful thing!  And the water has 'body' - you can see it in the movement. Last night, I couldn't wait to jump in the shower last night - I felt it was part of a healing / cleansing process and part of a good night's sleep. Of course, because I removed the little round filter in the Culligan showerhead, it didn't disperse the water through the nodules on the head.  I have another shower head that doesn't require a filter cartridge.  Yes, the water softened my skin. What was most amazing --- as I laid in bed, I got the same sensation throughout my body that I got when I drank the water - like the bubbly sensation you get when drinking champagne - only more subtle.  My entire body was feeling that energy.  The only way I can describe it is the same sensation you get when you touch something that is plugged into electricity.  There is that low hum and that vibration.  As this energy was going through me, all I could do was laugh. Washing dishes -- Remember how you were able to get the build-up off the faucet with just water?  After you left, I decided to do an experiment.  I took my glass pans and I filled them both with the pure water (no soap) and left them overnight.  They had been soaking all day yesterday and I still couldn't get the cooked on food particles off. When I got up this morning, I went to clean the pans (without soap or hot water).  The stuff came off with no problem and no major scrubbing. And who even needs soap? (though I did use my eco-friendly soap).  Oh my goodness!! I am absolutely stunned! I keep looking at my drinking glasses and plastic storage (which I never heat) and they are all so incredibly clean, spot-free. If I can get my daughter and son-in-law to agree to have one of these units, I will help them pay for it.  They have two children and they would not be able to afford the $800 but I think they can come up with at least $200 and I will find a way to pay for the remainder.          j. shepard

Sorry this took so long to get to you.
I mentioned my garden when we spoke last.  Last year our garden was absolutely the worst its been in years.  This year however I used the structured water filter and WOW what a difference.  I have never seen sweet corn that has looked as good as ours did.  The cobs were huge!  A number of plants got planted late, but they all caught up in growth in record time.  The structured water has me sold.  We planted some cabbage plants atleast a month late and we now have wonderful heads of cabbage, the same with our tomato plants!  AMAZING!
THANK YOU!          Sally Reed
    Boyceville , WI


Almost three years ago we purchased a pH water machine with all the promises and hopes that we have never seen. When I heard about the NAT system I was very skeptical but wondered how so many people could share the testimonials if they really were not seeing a difference and plants just do not lie. I decided to just go ahead and become a distributor for NAT with the fear of getting drawn into the unknown once again but with hope that it would turn out to do all it was said to do. I was encouraged that so many placed a pre-order for me to be able to get my first order together and became a distributor.
As I have a whole house system installed and others now also have theirs installed we are finding we did not have to wait long to know that there is really a difference in this water and that it is really doing the things we were told it would. However it did them so much quicker than we expected.  We know some of the most skeptical people on earth and even they praise the NAT system and the benefits they are seeing so quickly. We have not found one testimonial on the NAT site that has not proven to be true and we are all anxious to get started in our yards and gardens to see the fantastic results that have been shared about that whole experience. We truly look forward to many years of helping others by educating them on Clayton’s great products. We are very happy to be a part of the NAW family.Gary & Bobby Kay Dutton


Thank you so much for giving me some of the DE Structured water the other day. I drank the water and gave my indoor plants a little drink too. About 3 days later I noticed that the leaves had turned a dark vibrant green. Not only had the leaves  changed color, but the texture of the leaves  had changed as well. The best way I can describe is that they had become turgid; somewhat like a crisp carrot. I knew the plants would benefit from the structured water, however, I was astounded to see these dramatic results in such a short period of time. If this is what the structured water can do for plants, I can only imagine what it can do for me! Naturally I couldn’t wait to purchase one. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Seeing is believing,



I have been drinking the water for two days from the DE portable unit and it is amazing! The first day I felt like I could not stop drinking it. I drink at least 66 oz in the morning. It felt like 4 oz. It feels like my body is really using the water, rather than just a conduit of in and out. My fussy bladder is very happy. Little wonder that my body seemed to need the old water immediately out of me. Thank you!


Two weeks ago we purchased a whole house structured water unit and a portable structured water device.  We also took a chance and had our water softener removed and taken away.
Wow!  My wife loves our structured water unit.  She does not miss the water softener at all, her hair is soft and so is her skin.  Another neat thing is for years she had been fighting with a skin condition on her nose that left the bridge of her nose rough and scaly and she had to use a prescription to make it go away, however now in just two weeks her skin condition has gone back to normal and the rough spot is gone. She has also noticed that her skin is looking more youthful.
I have noticed that my mental clarity and energy is much improved.
I know that it is hard for us to get past some of the paradigms that we have grown up in which makes it difficult to believe that something like this can
really work.
My wife and I are very pleased with this technology and look forward to exploring more ways to using this technology and benefit from it.
Thank you for developing this.

Lin and Mike in Decatur Indiana


Last August ago when I installed Clayton Nolte’s structured water home unit to my property in Arizona, I was fighting an extremely troublesome problem.  There is a very beautiful, desirable Texas mountain laurel tree in my yard, but it continually had worms that live in these type trees…and as the owner I was constantly spraying the tree to preserve its beauty and get rid of the aggressive worms.  Guess what!  Now, months later the tree is in full bloom with no worms!!!  Clayton’s information told us that bugs would not be able to tolerate this water…and he is right.  So far, I have seen no worms…or the big desert roaches that try to creep inside our houses.  I may never need an exterminator again!

Of course, I was already elated about having the whole house unit installed because of the wonderful pure water taste, and feel… when taking a bath or shampooing hair.  Also, it was a good thing to be able to disconnect from the reverse osmosis equipment and the soft water system that I had before, because there is no need for them now.  My structured water unit also flows into the pipes that supply the water to the plants and garden area around my house, and you should see the crop of fruit that it is producing this spring…pomegranates double in size, lemons almost as large as grapefruit, and the best tasting grapefruit and oranges ever.  Also, the fig tree is full of lively, new growth and figs; the roses are fantastic, and the scent around my house is out of this world. The same structured water also flows through my pool, and the water looks and feels so silky.  You need to come for a visit so you can experience this in person.

Please pass this along to Clayton Nolte and tell him how much I appreciate his genius for designing this incredible fluid machine.  Lil in Arizona


Thanks so much for sending me the De Portable unit …. I absolutely love it and I’ve been trying to decide how to describe it’s wonderful benefits.  Of course the first thing I noticed was the extreme smoothness of the water upon taking the first sip of the water that had passed through the unit.  The next thing I noticed about 10 minutes after drinking a glass of this water was that my breathing had somehow changed; it seemed that the air that entered my lungs was more refreshing and slightly cooler, and that the air just flowed into my lungs slightly easier than normal with no restriction.  I have no problem breathing but after drinking the water from the DE Portable it just seemed easier to breathe: the air seemed more vital and refreshing and it was suddenly kind of fun just inhaling air into my lungs.  I thought this was maybe just my imagination but I have repeated this over and over and I am now certain that this water makes a change in a person’s blood or physiology in such a short period of time that is remarkable.

I called the company and they said that a person could notice the energy from the water in the way that I described and since the water we drink becomes the fluid of our blood and the blood carries oxygen from our lungs to the whole body, this explains the remarkable effects that the Natural Action Water structuring device has had on me.  I am totally delighted with the DE Portable device that you sent to me and let me tell you why in particular: as you know there are other companies “trying” to copy the Natural Action Water technology.

I have previously purchased 2 other water “structuring” devices; one that looks very similar to the DE Portable that I bought a year and a half ago and the other unit looks more like a blender that I bought about 10 years ago so you can see I have known about structured water for many years.  So when you told me about the Natural Action Water product I initially thought that I was not interested as I already own 2 “similar” units.  You seemed very confident when you told me about the Natural Action Water products being the world’s best so you got my curiosity up so I decided, thanks to you, to go ahead and try one of your units even though I thought it was just another water structuring device.  One sip of this water and I was convinced that you had steered me down the correct path; and about 10 minutes later when I could breathe easier I knew you were onto something awesome.  I had not experienced these results with the 2 other water structuring devices that I have previously owned.

Thank you so much for teaching me about this wonderful product.  Every day is a treat just making the most awesome water on the planet …. and thanks to you.  The Natural Action Water devices have technology that the other companies do not have.  The “secret” is the dual action water vortexing (to the left and right simultaneously) and the secret materials that the water units are made of.  I hope everyone will take the initiative to add the DE Portable unit to their life to begin with because once a person realizes the potential that this product can make to their health and happiness they will never want to be without this awesome water and the DE Portable because our bodies are mostly made of water.

I consider the purchase of the DE Portable unit to be the most important purchase a person can make especially with regards to a person’s health and well being.  Now I am super interested in someday owning the other products from Natural Action Technologies, Inc: the shower unit, the whole house unit, the garden unit, and any other product this fine company has available now and in the future.  Thanks Doc Russ, for making these fine products available to those lucky enough to know you and call you a friend.  I will continue to tell others about your great services and products that you recommend and provide to others.

Happy Hydrating, Brian T.


We recently received this story from a young woman.
The young mom with a 10 month old baby was in a safe house after being beat up, having her cat killed, and all her belongings stolen by her boyfriend (the babies father).  The baby who had also been there through the traumatizing event was throwing temper tantrums on a regular basis, and would not make eye contact with anyone.  Mom and baby were really struggling with it all and having a difficult time moving forward.  They had been in the safe house for a couple of months.

We sent her a Dynamically Enhanced Portable Unit which she began to use.  She began to use it whenever she had a glass of water.  The baby was receiving the water through nursing as well as some in her bottle too.  Three weeks later she shared this experience with the water.

Three weeks after she started drinking the structured water everything had changed!  She said when she started drinking the water it was like she woke up from a sleep of several years.  Her mind became clear, and she became happy again.  She begun taking an online class.  The baby had stopped throwing tantrums and was interacting with people again!  We were overjoyed.  In addition she mentioned that her friend in the safe-house had also started drinking the structured water at the same time and everything was changing for her as well.  Her friend now had her first job in 20 years and was doing extremely well again.  She was in so much gratitude for the water unit.

We just had to share this story with you, and the change that is possible with the water.
Natural Action Technologies.


My friend recently had a Dynamically Enhanced House Unit installed in her home.  She had an Original House unit before purchasing the new unit.  The Dynamically Enhanced Unit has completely restored the inside of her dishwasher, whereas the Original Unit did maybe 30%……..it is now white, and mineral free.    M.E.


Hello again Clayton.  Thank you so much for your work, and the work your still doing.
Here is the BIG thing we have noticed with our five children, after just a couple of weeks of giving structured water to our kids and bathing them in it.  My 7 year daughter has been home schooled for 2 years now.

My wife would be in tears many times because my daughter had such a hard time learning to read kindergarten level while my 6 year old son was reading 2 grade level. We would spend time with her, but she found it hard to focus and be interested in reading. It almost seem too good to be true that just in a couple of weeks she would improve SO much, to the point that she was reading words that she had not even been taught, yet with my own eyes and ears I got to see and hear her read stories out of our child craft books like she had been reading just fine all along, and now shows interest in reading to us.

We are very excited and expect to see great things come in to being with our five children. We promise to share the truth about the water and your work with our children, passing on the light you have shined into our lives.  God continue to do his work through you, and Bless you.  With Love from the Rodriguez Family.


As a result of our discussions concerning every molecule in the universe being in contact
with one another and your suggestion that adding 8 oz. of “structured water” (restructured by one of your devices) to the radiator of the vehicle I drove to the conference and monitored the results.

The car is a 1992 Acura Integra  with 219,320 at the time of the addition.  The EPA mileage
standard for the car when new  is 21 mpg in town; 26 mpg hi-way and 23 mpg composite.
We had recorded mileage since owning the car and found these estimates to be quite accurate for the car with about a 10% differential from summer to winter.

Filling the tank with gas with this model can be repeated quite consistently.  Fill until the automatic shutoff stops the filling, then top it off once.  At this point a splash of gasoline comes back out.

The car was loaded with three passengers and their luggage and equipment from the conference.

1st tankful                   23.8 mpg
2nd tankful                  25.7 mpg
3rd tankful                   27.1 mpg
4th tankful                   34+ mpg  (almost all hi-way driving 65 and higher)
5th tankful                   32.5 mpg

Explanations:  None.  The results speak for themselves.  Needless to say we are now continuing  to use the structured water in the and also monitoring other vehicles. I use less soap in washing maching, dishwasher and in the bathroom. I also already notice a change within me…my skin is looking better…dark spots are lightening up, and it’s only been 4 days! I just can’t thank you enough, Clayton, for your inspired work. The plumber asked about becoming a distributor….do you have that set up?
Many blessings and many thank you’s,
Dot Schaefer in MontgomeryFrom the time I was 16, I had psoriasis which mainly appeared on the outside of my angles and my elbows. The itching was unbearable and on many occasions I would awake in my sleep scratching to the point of breaking the skin. The way it was explained to me, my condition was such that the new skin cells would die before they reached the epidermis.
My parents took me to the doctor and he wanted to put me on nerve pills which my parents vehemently refused.


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