Effects on Toxins During Processing,

 After Consumption and More

Is the Structured Water Unit A Fix-All for Toxins?


Considerable evidence indicates the Structured Water Unit has a significant and remarkable neutralizing effect on toxins. To prove that the unit is an absolute fix-all, studies would have to be performed for extreme concentrations of everything potentially toxic. Since that cannot be done, we do not claim the unit is an absolute fix-all.


The toxin remediation that takes place during structuring impacts the molecular structure and energetic pattern of toxins (explained below). Based on testing these include:


a vast variety of chemicals, materials and technologically made electromagnetic fields (EMFs); and

most inorganic compounds, including pesticides, nitrates, free radicals, biologically useless heavy metals, anaerobic bacteria and other harmful organisms.


Many customers have reported positive results using the Structured Water unit in places known to have contaminated waters, such as Mexico and India. Their experiences cannot be generalized, however, because toxicity depends on quantity, the individual’s personal threshold and the individual’s beliefs (Dr. Bruce Lipton, “The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles”, 2005. www.brucelipton.com). The Structured Water Unit is compatible to work in combination any auxiliary filtration the user might deem necessary.


What Happens to the Toxins When Water Passes Through the Unit?


It must be understood that cells process and function by way of electromagnetic information (energy patterns). Current scientific research indicates that the energy patterns of toxins contribute to the adverse biological effects that result from exposure to toxins.  .


When  water is passed through the Structured Water Unit the molecular structure of physical/chemical matter that is in the water is altered in a way that supports the body in eliminating it without ill effect. The alteration is related to changes in the angle of hydrogen bonds, which occurs during structuring, and results in the following:


1. Structured waterborne matter cannot be absorbed and cannot adhere to other physical matter and is, therefore, eliminated by the body’s elimination system same as other physical waste material.

2. The associated energy pattern and other energy patterns that are present in the water are transformed. These patterns are water’s “memory”. These energies are incoherent and not balanced (positive ions), as the atoms are missing electrons. The lack is corrected by an influx of negative ions that are generated during the structuring processing.

3. An extraordinary amount of free oxygen is released during structuring, which is lethal to anaerobic (harmful)  bacteria, virus and mold.


For a more in depth explanation of the processes that render toxins inert during structuring see Andreas Schultz, “Water Crystals: Making the Quality of Water Visible”, 2005, Floris Books.


Testing of the Portable Structured Water Unit: Macro-Crystal Analysis by Structured Water Expert Andreas Schultz (Emoto Style Testing)


Schultz is Head Researcher at Hagalis AG, an independent testing laboratory in Germany. Schultz performed and reported (May 2012) on its independent study on the effects observed in tap water processed through the Original Structured Water Unit (an earlier version since replaced by the upgraded Dynamically Enhanced Unit.).

The images below show the differences that were observed between the sample tap water (right) and the same tap water after it was processed through the structuring unit (left). According to Andreas Schultz, the grid-like pattern evident in the tap water sample (right) depicts toxins, whereas, the structured water sample (left) has no 90o angles and, therefore, shows no evidence of toxins. According to researcher Andreas Schultz, “This means that any toxic substances were neutralized”.

The full report can be read here.

 Elimination of Staphylococcus Bacteria


A study completed (2009) at a dairy using Clayton Nolte’s water structuring units found that staphylococcus bacteria was eliminated from the water. This, and other important findings were confirmed by independent laboratories. Read about the Study:  click here.


Unique Support for the Body:

Relief of Toxic Burden and Enhanced Elimination of Toxins


Structured Water provides unique protective ability, for it isolates toxins. The work of Dr. Gerald Pollack and others indicates Structured Water surrounding healthy cells helps protect from radiations and physical toxins and pathogens. This means when Structured Water is put into the body, the body has less interaction with toxins and less toxic load to filter out.


Structured Water is prepared to effectively pick up and remove toxins from the body, due to the enormous carrying capacity of the Structured Water molecule and its ability to immediately pass through the cell membrane (see ABOUT STRUCTURED WATER).


There is a multitude of health benefits associated with consumption of Structured Water which indicates drinking Structured Water can improve cellular health and overall health (see BENEFITS). A healthy body is better able to perform the natural detoxification processes that are engineered into the body.

Self Actualization

Structured Water helps restore the RNA and DNA back to before time and circumstance”. Clayton Nolte, Inventor of the Structured Water Unit.

Putting structured water into the body increases intake of bio-phonic energies. Those energies enemata from source. That increase in combination with enhanced detoxification of that which does not belong, can help the body generate cells according to their original blueprint. The body’s energies can change similarly.

Structured Water is an Agent for Neutralizing Toxins


The richness of negative hydrogen ions in Structured Water makes it a powerful natural neutralizing agent for substances that have underlying energies that are incoherent/not balanced. As well, the abundance of oxygen in Structured Water is deadly to anaerobic (pathogenic), bacteria virus and mold. It can, therefore, be beneficial to use Structured Water to wash/spray on/soak consumables; to add to recipes; and place in a separate oven pan during cooking/baking. Structured Water can enhance the natural healthful components of foods, the availability of natural properties (nutritional, taste, texture) digestibility.



In agriculture, trees and plants that are regularly fed Structured Water are significantly more resistant to and less likely to be infested with pests (see the BENEFITS page for additional enhancements in agricultural use.) Toxic effects in water and soil are significantly reduced when Structured Water is used. The abundance of oxygen in Structured Water encourages aerobic bacteria and aerobic microbes, and is lethal to anaerobic bacteria and microbes. Healthy plants produce their own natural pesticides which further minimize harmful invaders at the insect and microbial level, especially through symbiotic relationships with mycorrhizal networks.


Toxins that Effect Water’s Odor, Taste and Colour


Such toxins and associated gasses are impacted by structuring same as any other toxins in the water. The extent to which structuring mitigates offensive odor, taste and discoloration depends on the concentration of the offensive toxins in the source water. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to install a simple carbon filter, (RainFresh of GE carbon filter, preferably prior to the installed structuring unit).  A carbon filter can be installed on the faucet, such as a “Brita on Tap” These measures will reduce the pH of the water by 1 full point. This decrease in pH is insignificant because pH levels in the body are determined by the cell’s hydration levels; wherein hydration contributes to ideal pH levels and dehydration results in low pH levels.


Chlorine Odor and Taste


Testing with the Ex-TechTester shows chlorinated tap water lowered to 0 after structuring. Chlorine gas is lighter than water and heavier than air. Chlorine rises, so the greatest accumulation is at the faucet and the smell is strongest when the faucet is first turned on. The chlorine smell diminishes as the water continues to flow through the faucet. In most cases, the chlorine odor will be gone after running the water for a short period of time. If there is chlorine odor after the water has passed through the Structured Water Unit, one can blow across the top of the glass or water jug or let it sit for a bit for the gasses to dissipate further. Another solution is to fill the glass/container until it overflows. 


 Well Water Odor, Discoloration and Taste


There are reports of well water being cleared of iron and sulfur odor and discoloration after installation of a Structured Water Unit. Since concentrations can vary from one well to the next, a simple carbon filter might be required for added remediation.


Conventional Water Testing


When conventional testing is used it is likely that no differences will be observed between the samples of source water and source water after structuring.  Chemistry looks at the physical presence of materials; what is in the water is still in the water after processing. When the water is structured, however, these materials are organized and their electromagnetic – chemical structure is changed. Chemistry will not see the difference. An Infrared Mass spectroscopy unit is needed to observe and measure the change, for it displays the structure down to the nano or molecular level.


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