By Liala Ackerman, Advanced Health Technologies, Structured Water Expert 


 “Structured Water” (H302) is water in its primordial best state.  As such, it is organized, coherent, energetically balanced and optimally supportive of life. Structured Water offers unique enhancing benefits when used to sprout cannabis seeds, grow cannabis plants and when combined with cannabis consumption.


The Unique Vitalizing Properties of Structured Water


Structured Water is a herculean courier for delivering life-enhancing energies and nutrition to cannabis seeds and plants. For, the Structured Water molecule has an immense energy/information storage capacity. Discovery of the immense storage capacity of the Structured Water molecule led to the development of computers that are in use in Silicon Valley, which use droplets of Structured Water for information storage, instead of conventional Silicon chips. The molecule’s enormous carrying capacity is especially advantageous for living things because Structured Water isolates biologically disruptive energies and releases only beneficial energies.


Structured Water is more efficient than any other water (H20). The physical features of the Structured Water molecule make it instantly absorbable and able to immediately enter the cell and instantly hydrate the cell; whereas cell hydration with ordinary water can take days. The “wetter water” also supports greater root penetration, for the use of Structured Water results in increased soil retention and soil penetration – evident in more even soil moisture.


In contrast to processed water, the Structured Water molecule is rich in naturally imbued constituents; such as an abundance of oxygen, bio-photons and negative hydrogen ions. The oxygen contained in Structured Water is stable oxygen, which means it does not dissipate immediately. The oxygen helps create an environment that supports aerobic (life supporting) bacteria and is adverse to anaerobic (cell damaging) viruses, pathogens, bacteria and parasites. Whereas, the richness of bio-photons- also referred to as life-force energy, strengthens the seed’s or plant’s overall immunity thereby supporting healthier growth and development. The abundance of hydrogen in the Structured Water molecule serves as “fuel” for growth and development. The potential hydrogen (pH) of Structured Water is a balanced 7.2 –7.5 that it is naturally driven to maintain and the proper pH plant (and all life) depend on for sustained vitality. Structured Water also carries a full repertoire of life important minerals, which makes for reduced fertilizer use.


Benefits Reported in Cannabis Application


Natural Action Technologies (NAT), manufacturer of proven Biomimetic Structured Water devices, has documented remarkable enhancements in Cannabis grow operations (farm, greenhouse) associated with the use Structured Water generated with the NAT device. According to Jonathan Butts, NAT’s CFO, the benefits seen in cannabis application are expected based on findings observed in other agricultural applications. Plants in well-maintained facilities that are fed Structured Water, made using NAT’s device, grow faster and bigger, have higher bio-energy counts and are better able to resist severe imbalances (I.e., drought, extreme temperatures) due to natural or engineered causes. Moreover, the use of Structured Water produced with NAT’s unit brings benefits to the entire grow:


· increased feminized seed sprouting success and bud flower numbers

· increased root structure growth and health

· increased dissolved oxygen when source water is typically low (ie. well water)

· decreased toxic effects from environment

· reduced water use due to increased water retention in soil

· reduced fertilizer use as a result of increased nutrient uptake and absorption


Improvement in plant growth is dramatic and appears quickly.. 


Application of Structured Water generated using the NAT unit


                           Root Structure                Early Crystal Formation             Bud Density




Support of Natural Electromagnetic Needs


Although seldom considered as an adverse influence, technologically-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can have detrimental effects on seed sprouting and plant vitality. In today’s world there is an ongoing proliferation of EMFs from AC (household) electricity, lighting, appliances, hydro towers and transmission lines, cell phones, cell towers, wireless routers, satellite transmissions and so on. EMFs are known to be biologically destabilizing and stress inducing when absorbed into living things. In addition, EMFs pollute the planet’s natural electrical airwaves and can thereby impede biological access to vitalizing planetary frequencies; those frequencies are not detectable in electrified structures and outdoor areas that are electropolluted.


Vibrancy Water, which is a Canadian seller of NAT’s units since 2009, specializes in units that include L-8 Transceiver Technology that is engineered for EMF remediation. The added L-8 Transceiver Technology is engineered to deeply ground the bio-energy field of the consumer - human, animal or plant, into Earth’s bio-energetic field. This type of grounding is EMF-protective and significantly improves accessibility to earth’s natural vitalizing signals. Structured Water made using an NAT unit from Vibrancy Water therefore supports the success of your grow operation with both the water and electromagnetic frequencies that are right for life.


Benefits of Combining Structured Water with Cannabis Consumption


Structured Water’s richness of oxygen defends the cells against the corrosive effects of CO2, which is taken into the body when cannabis is heated and the smoke inhaled. Structured Water’s richness of hydrogen – balanced and in perfection, makes the water a powerful natural neutralizing agent to wash consumables with or to add during cooking/baking. Additionally, introducing Structured Water to foods enhances the food’s natural healthful components and makes the natural properties (nutritional, taste, texture) more available to the body and more easily processed by the body. One would, therefore, want to consume cannabis tea made with Structured Water to derive maximum benefits from Cannabis.


For expert help in developing cost effective installation plans to achieve optimal distribution of highly energized Structured Water for your entire farm/ grow facility, email or phone 416-222-2368 1-888-993-9123.  


About the author: Liala Ackerman was personally trained by Clayton Nolte, a pioneer in Structured Water technology. She is the developer of  L-8 Transceiver Technology and owner of Advanced Health Technologies, a distributor for Nolte's water structuring units since 2009.



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