Discoveries in Water Research:

Impetus for A New Scientific Paradigm



Naturally occurring water that is optimal for the body is identical to the bio-water associated with healthy cells. These waters share a unique set of characteristics. This specific water is called “Structured Water”.


Discovery of Structured Water’s remarkable properties overturned conventional ideas about cellular activity, memory, consciousness, thought processes …. overall functioning of the human body. The resulting new scientific models compel us to set aside the application of the principles of matter and to view the human body as a water vessel, which can be explained by applying the principles of energy. Further, to see water as both a carrier of electromagnetic information that directs cellular activity and the carrier of the life force energy that fuels DNA. 


“WATER - The Great Mystery” (below)  reports on fascinating research discoveries.



Structured Water is,


1. instantly hydrating;

2. powerfully detoxifying;

3. naturally alkaline;

4. rich with life important bio-photon energy,

5. oxygen and negative hydrogen ions;

6. rich with beneficial minerals;

7. naturally alkaline;

8. free of toxic impressions of contaminants and pollutants;

9. the substance of naturally occurring healing waters and in all healthy cells.

10. And much more


                   About Structured Water



Toxic energies -  the true culprits to health, are cleared during the structuring process.


Science has learned that adverse biological effects of toxins are reaction to the toxin’s energy pattern - electromagnetic information, rather than the toxin’s physical/chemical matter. Water stores the energy pattern of every living and non-living in vicinity. Removing particulates and "disinfecting" fail to rid water of the stored biologically meaningless and chaotic (toxic) energy of toxins. 


Water’s Memory     Effects on Toxins



These water structuring units are on the frontline of water purification.


The unit houses Biomimetic technology: the mechanisms mimic Nature’s water structuring process.

 This is the process whereby water in Nature is purified and it’s potential is empowered.




As water flows through the unit, the water spins left and right. The left spinning feminine (creative) and right spinning (masculine) energies are thus brought into balance; this is the ‘spark’ of rejuvenation. Such as when water actively descends down a mountain stream, tumbles over rocks, down waterfalls and flows through twists and turns



NAT Video, Clayton Nolte,  inventor of the Structured Water  unit


Clayton M. Nolte (Natural Action Technologies), is a researcher and inspired inventor of life transforming water structuring technologies. He spent the last forty years exploring physics, math and the properties of water and the effects it has on life.  In the video on the right, Clayton explains the nature-driven mechanisms and natural events that occur as water passes through the structuring unit.


Our Structured Water™ units use geometric and vortex technologies, (Sacred Geometry)

based on the principles of Austrian naturalist and researcher Victor Schauberger.

Technology and Process              



Multiple reports verify the effectiveness of the structuring technology contained in these units.



400x magnification of tap water before (L) and after (R) structuring


Tap water becomes Structured Water from

 a single pass through a portable (Original) unit


The above photos were produced during independent testing by Haglis, AG. According to the researcher, the above photos show physical evidence of, 


· “a significant surplus of energy”

· a higher presence of trace elements and minerals

· higher and more positive energy balance

· increased   biological quality, bio-availability and bio-photonic energy

· removal of toxins

· the formation of star shaped clusters.


 ”Water research indicates the star shaped

structures seen in the above structured sample, only appear in very high quality water of natural origin”.

Haglis, AG   Read the full report here.  

Product Testing



Water’s bio-photonic (life force) energies increases significantly from processing with a structured water unit.


Water stores information, or energy and in particular - electromagnetic waves, in the form of photons. The photon is a unit of light, and thusly, the term bio-photon means living light. As implied, it is integral and essential to life. Today, most water has a bare minimum of its natural, optimal quanta of bio-photons.


The images below show a dramatic 83% increase on bio-photonic energies of sample water (well water, Taos, NM), when processed using a Natural Action water structuring unit.  More

 Bio-Photon Energy of water Molecule before Water Structuring with Utopic Water Unit

Before Structuring

Image of Enhanced Bio-Photon Energy of water molecule after structuring with Utopic Water Unit

After Structuring



The Testimonials page contains more customer reports of profound benefits and observations from using the water from these units.


Our water structuring technology is endorsed by renowned scientists Dr. Albert-Fritz Popp, who is a pioneer in the field of quantum biophysics, and Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, who is a globally recognized researcher on the human energy field. More


Naturally structured water is exactly right for optimizing the body's health


By natural engineering, water delivers and releases energy to each cell of the body while removing and eliminating waste. Research by University of Washington’s Bio-engineering Professor, Dr. Gerald Pollack indicates,


1. over 99% of your body’s molecules are water molecules; and

2. cell functioning is tied to electromagnetic interface between the cell and energies of surrounding water molecules.

These findings indicate the quality of water that you consume, and the electromagnetic information (energies) that water carries throughout your body, are 2 of the most important determinants of your health.


Only naturally Structured Water matches bio-water associated with healthy cells.


Our water structuring units produce that specific quality of water.






Added Technology - Added Benefits


The addition of  L-8 Transceiver Technology to the Dynamically Enhanced unit,


1. provides powerful EMF resilience

2. extends EMF remedial capability to energetic reconfiguration of emissions generated by EMF emitters.  


Energetic reconfiguration using L-8 Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water neutralizes emissions from EMF emitters, and uses those emissions to install the vital bio-signals of Earth’s electro-magnetic field (Schumann Resonance)


The science behind L-8 Technology is endorsed by Clayton Nolte and our L-8 fortified units are customized by him. 





Structured water enhances and optimizes all life, food, baking, beverages,

dishwashing, laundry, pool ...whatever the water’s use. 


Use a Vibrancy Pool and Spa water structuring unit to generate safe, balanced and invigorating water, with less costs and maintenance, than with any other water treatment. More

Toronto, Canada (2010).  Pool ran for 7 months with gorgeous water & perfect readings without chemicals etc..  Report

Use Vibrancy Water structured units for your garden plants and crops for:


increased biomass (27% to 40%)     3-fold increase in nutrition (Brix)

lower freezing point     increased pest resistance and more



Tomatoes: Mr. Laphon Puyo, in France (2012). The tomato in the bottom photo weighs over 2 lbs 

Strawberries: Gary Staffeld in Ohio (2009) uniformly 2” and ripened 2 weeks before neighbouring plants.

Rose bush, in Arizona,  Daily watering begins April 28, 2012(L) After 9 days of daily watering (R).





Practical features guarantee care-free use.


Free of adjustment, operating costs, filters,
moving parts, replaceable parts, or maintenance.

These units provide you with immediately available energizing,

healing and life-enhancing structured water.

Plus, our units have infinite processing capacity..



20 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty       90 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Use a portable water structuring device to process water from your tap or a bottle. Easy to install units available for under sink, shower, whole house,

swimming pool use, industry, farm … for every use, everywhere. 



Products and Prices


Al units are the Dynamically Enhanced version,

augmented with L-8 Transceiver Technology and

manufactured in the United States


 Canadians pay in Canadian currency and receive orders from Toronto, ON

All other orders are shipped from Arizona, U.S.A.




“The Mystical Properties of Structured Water”


Audio Recording of the June 27, 2018 edition of Clayton’s Classroom

Guest-Hosted by Liala Ackerman,

Owner-Operator of 


Liala communicated information about the science and evidence underlying Structured Water’s toxin-cleansing performance. She also related recent scientific findings about the properties of Structured Water and how the properties are intimately related to the scientifically verified human capacities for


longevity and

on-demand access to universal knowledge.




For instruction about deleting self-undermining programs which is a subject she touched on during the classroom, please see Dr. Bruce Lipton’s video “Waking Up From The Matrix”.


About Vibrancy Water


Vibrancy Water sells water structuring units manufactured by Clayton Nolte. Vibrancy Water is owned and operated by Advanced Health Technologies (AHT). AHT is dedicated to promoting specialized solutions for natural healing and self-actualization. AHT, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has been marketing Clayton Nolte’s water structuring devices since 2009.


AHT’s recommendations are based on personal training with Clayton Nolte and personal experience with the devices. AHT’s customer service is both caring and conscientious.

Revitalize into your best health now with Structured Water

processed using a Vibrancy Water Structuring Unit!


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