Structured Water is a pure manifestation of fresh water in its raw wild state - in Nature’s original design. Structured Water has a distinguishing unique set of characteristics. The finest naturally occurring waters are Structured Waters. Structured Water has been found to reside in only one other place: healthy cells.


The Natural Action Structured Water Unit uses Nature’s own techniques to make water safe for consumption and to ignite water’s vitalizing true properties and potential; hence its usefulness.


This change to water quality occurs in Nature when water rushes through a water current, actively descends down a mountain stream, tumbles over rocks, down water falls and flows through twists and turns.


As in those natural events, water that travels through the water structuring unit spins in a double helix - balanced counter rotating vortexes.


By inducing water to “dance” in its natural flow, passage through the Natural Action Structured Water Unit,


1. clears water “memory”,

2. renders waterborne matter inert and

3. undoes consequential damage from filtration and delivery systems (damns, straight pipes, pumps, sharp corners).


As tap or bottled water passes through the unit, it assumes the molecular and energetic properties that characterize Structured Water.



The practical features of the Natural Action Structured Water Unit guarantee care-free use


The unit is free of adjustment, operating costs, filters,
moving parts, replaceable parts, and maintenance.

These units provide you with immediately available

energizing and life-enhancing Structured Water.

Plus, our units have infinite processing capacity..


The Natural Action Structured Water Unit carries a

10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and

90 Day Money Back Guarantee


Use a portable water structuring device to process water from your tap or a bottle. Easy to install units are available for under sink, shower, whole house, swimming pool use, industry, farm … for every use, everywhere. 



EMF Remediating L-8 Transceiver Technology

 Unique to Our Units and Included Free


L-8 Transceiver Technology was developed to support the body’s natural electromagnetic needs with a means of, 


naturally deterring the body’s attraction, absorption, and accumulation of EMF and

reconfiguring EMF emitters so that their fields  draw the natural frequencies of Earth’s electromagnetic field –  in the moment, as they happen.

I am so thankful I had this before I moved my residence twice in 3 months this year! The increased energy and strength it gave me were essential, as was the resistance to EMFs!  L-8 Testimonials


Products and Prices


Al units are manufactured in the United States

by Natural Action Technologies.


Pay in Canadian or U.S. currency. Prices shown are  true cost and not subject to currency exchange rates. .





 Orders to Canadian and international addresses  are shipped from Toronto, ON


 Orders to American addresses are shipped from Arizona, U.S.A.



Discoveries in Water Research: Impetus for A New Scientific Paradigm


Discovery of Structured Water’s remarkable properties overturned conventional ideas about cellular activity, memory, consciousness, thought processes …. overall functioning of the human body. The resulting new scientific models compel us to set aside principles of matter and to view the human body as a water vessel, which can be explained by applying the principles of energy. 

Further, to see water as both a carrier of electromagnetic information that directs cellular activity and the carrier of the life force energy that fuels DNA. 


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“WATER - The Great Mystery” (2006) (right)


This documentary reports on fascinating research discoveries and conclusions.

Ongoing research has produced further findings and conclusions, which are included in our

webpage, About Structured Water.




Natural Action Technologies

on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland


Fox Business Network – August 19 and 26 2018

Bloomberg  – August 26 2018

Aired as sponsored content


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Natural Action Technologies Structured water unit featured on World Wide Busines airing on Fox Business Network and Bloomberg. Kathy Ireland interviews Jonathan Butts and Steve Ross of Natural Action Technologies.



First Ever Formally Sanctioned Human

Medical Trials with Structured Water


Studies using Structured Water made with the NAT Structured Water Unit, have been planned by Dr. Raman Gokal, (Toronto, Canada) FRCP, FASN, Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Nephrologist. He anticipates “the outcomes of his studies could have far ranging implications for the benefit of mankind”. To learn more about Dr. Gokal’s studies and the associated funder raiser, click here.


About Vibrancy Water

Vibrancy Water sells water structuring units since 2009, manufactured by Natural Action Technologies. Vibrancy Water is owned and operated by Advanced Health Technologies (AHT).  AHT was started (2007) by Liala Ackerman to educate the public about the revised view of human biology that is emerging from scientific findings and to promote specialized solutions for natural healing and self-actualization. Liala is personally trained by NAT’s founder, Clayton Nolte in water structuring technology and NAT products. 


As of September 2017 all structured water units sold by Vibrancy Water are infused with L-8 Transceiver Technology - an EMF remediation technology Liala developed based on her over 10 years of experience in the EMF protection industry.  


Vibrancy Water makes recommendations based on training with Clayton Nolte and personal experience with the devices. Vibrancy Water guarantees customer service that is caring and conscientious.


“The Mystical Properties of Structured Water”


June 27, 2018 edition of Clayton’s Classroom


Guest-Hosted by Liala Ackerman, 


Liala relates the science and evidence underlying Structured Water’s toxin-cleansing performance. She also relates recent findings in Structured Water research that  intimately connect to findings in Epigentics. Specifically, regarding self-healing, longevity and on-demand access to universal knowledge.


Listen Now




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Because Only Nature Refines Water Perfectly! 


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Wondrous New Insights on Water Purity and the Body


Restore Water to Nature’s Original Design


Structured Water Unit Allied to New Paradigm


A New Trend in Water



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