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Biological Effects of EMF and the Impact on Child Development


By Liala Ackerman, Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS) Expert, Product Specialist, Advanced Health Technologies, Toronto, Canada

This article is revised from the original published April 2008 on www.earthcalm.ca


“Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century!” 

Dr. Andrew Weil, Leading Health Expert


The amount of electricity in the environment can be overwhelming to think about. The environment is saturated with invisible EMFs from electrical wiring, appliances, Wi-Fi., computers, appliances, cell phones, hydro and cell phone towers, etc..In a 2008  survey by U.S.A. today, EMF pollution was found to be the #1 environmental concern. This is a valid concern; EMF have the potential to affect every aspect of  physical, emotional and mental health and the development of every disease and disorder. This paper explains how and why environmental EMF adversely effects health, emotions and mental functioning and what this means when it comes to children's’ health, behaviour, emotional development and ability to learn. This article also presents a healthy, healing  and sensible means of EMF remediation.


Many different terms are used when talking about the electricity that’s in our environment. Such as, electromagnetic field, electromagnetic radiation, magnetic field, electric field, microwave, EMR, ELF and so on. It is not important to define these terms or distinguish between the different types of electricity. The important thing is that all chaotic non biological electricity is a threat to physical, emotional and mental health. The term “chaotic” is used intentionally, because some forms of manmade electricity are used for therapeutic purposes. The term, EMF, will be used here to refer to non biological chaotic electricity;


Manmade or artificial electricity has been used on the planet for 120 years. Apparently, with the introduction of wireless technology, artificial electricity can now be measured everywhere on Earth. This is the first generation to be saturated with EMFS. The proliferation of electricity seems to be endless. Merchandisers have started to put microchips in clothing, footwear and other goods and are doing so without our knowledge. These microchips are designed to send encoded electrical messages to data collection agencies that will track consumer habits. Researchers have already micro chipped humans and there is talk of doing so nationwide. In British schools, teachers can already give lessons using Wi-Fi white-boards, and in the near future hand-held Wi-Fi terminals will enable children to 'interact' with digital lesson. In the words of the technology's industry group, the Wi-Fi Alliance: 'Simply put, Wi-Fi is freedom.'


Some may be question whether or not EMF dangers are real. After all, there are researchers and authorities who insist that EMFs are harmless. So, many people believe that the subject of EMF health hazards is controversial and needs more research. The truth is, thousands of scientific research papers are published every year that document the health risks associated with EMFS. These studies have shown that all EMFs, regardless of range or frequency have damaging consequences. Since the 1970’s studies have repeatedly shown a direct correspondence between how close one lives to powerlines and transformer and power stations and the incidence of childhood leukemia and cancer. The largest study involved 29,000 children and looked at data collected over a 30 year period. Incidentally, A 2003 study by Canadian scientist Magda Havas found that 42 of the 60 Canadian cities that were measured, had EMF field intensities at levels greater than the level associated with childhood leukemia.


Numerous studies suggest a direct relationship between brain cancer and cell phone use. Brain cancer tumor risk has been steadily increasing over the last 10 years- particularly among the 20 -29 year olds. This begs the question, why then, are educated researchers claiming EMFs are harmless? The reason is simple. These researchers are looking for a direct cause and effect relationship when none exists, due to individual differences in human reponse. Studies have shown that there appears to be no rhyme or reason to the symptoms. Researchers can take a group of people claiming to be electrically sensitive, expose them to identical frequencies and have reports of many different kinds of symptoms. One person who claims to be sensitive to EMFS will have an adverse reaction to one type of EMF but not to anther, while a 2nd electrically sensitive person will express no reactions at all So, the researchers who are looking for direct cause and effect relationships conclude that symptoms in response to EMF exposure are psychosomatic-an artefact created by the power of suggestion.


A large body of research comes from Sweden where they have officially recognized electromagnetic hypersensitivity or electro sensitivity as a medical condition. This is a condition where someone experiences physical or psychological symptoms that are aggravated by EMFs at levels that most people can tolerate. Most common symptoms include: headaches; tinnitus; fatigue; nausea; stress; poor concentration; sleep disorder; pain; burning sensation; skin conditions; and rashes.


Dr. Ollie Johanssen, a Swedish neuroscientist has declared that based on his research, he expects that 50% of the world population will exhibit symptoms of electro hyper sensitivity by the year 2017. This might seem to be an extremely bold claim. Keep in mind, however, that the effects of EMFs are cumulative, making us increasingly more sensitive to EMFS as we get older. 


In addition to the symptoms of electro sensitivity, EMF exposure is also linked to many other physical complaints, emotional disorders, and mental conditions. The question that next arises is, why are EMFs implicated in so much illness and disorder? Very simply, it is because we are electrical beings with internal wiring. Every bodily function depends on electrical activity that takes place within and between cells. The body’s electrical system works to initiate every action within the body. It balances the activity of every organ. Every bodily function depends on electrical activity. The body’s electrical system works to balance the activity of the organs. It represents the very foundation of the healing process. The flow of electricity in the body is as critical to the body’s well being as the flow of blood. 


The body conducts electricity that enters it. Studies have shown that when EMF is absorbed  retained, the body’s electrical processes are disturbed, and cell functioning is disrupted. The electricity in electrical wiring and appliances changes the atomic structure of the cell and breaks the bonds that exist in and between cells. This triggers changes in blood chemistry, induces free radicals, disrupts the cells ability to control  PH levels, enzyme activity, cell reproduction, synthesis, functioning and energy transfer. A healthy and permeable cell membrane wall is needed for effective communication and coordination of activity between cells, tissues, organs and nerves. When exposed, to EMFS, the protein in the cell membrane wall is weakened and the cells react as though threatened by an invader and elicits a state of emergency (fight or flight response) in the body. In this state of emergency, non-vital processes are delayed, and blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels increase. The cell enters into a state of emergency. Besides impaired communication and coordination, the reduced membrane permeability also makes it difficult for nutrients to enter and for toxins to exit. As a consequence, the body does not benefit from nutrients and healing therapies as it should, When the cell is in a state of emergency, instead of producing water and carbon dioxide, the cell produces hydrogen peroxide and carbon monoxide. In short, the cell begins to ferment. The state of emergency behaviour is passed on to each subsequent generation of cells.


There is also constant unending tension in the nervous system, that puts the body  into a state of chronic stress. Most scientists agree that the mechanism whereby EMFs impact the body's nervous system is explained by the principle of cyclotronic resonance. (The word cyclotronic  refers to spinning electrons. According to the principles of Cyclotronic Resonance, energy is actually transferred from the electrical wiring in buildings into the nervous system of people within the building.) Cyclotronic resonance causes the adrenal system to generate cortisol, stress hormones, and also causes ions, also known as electrolytes, (electrical particles) to get kicked out of the cells. Specifically calcium, lithium, sodium, magnesium and potassium are kicked into the blood stream to either collect in joints or be inappropriately eliminated. These ions, or electrolytes govern cell metabolism, calmness, mood and memory and are involved in most of the body’s chemical reactions. Eventually, the immune systems begin to collapse.


Additionally, studies have found that EMF absorption more than doubles the release of mercury vapour from dental fillings, triggers the expression of disease causing genes, damages DNA and interferes with DNA repair. Studies have also shown that cancer cell division is 24 times greater when the cancer cells are exposed to EMFs. It seems that the pineal gland is the organ most impaired by EMF exposure. This organ produces hormones and neurotransmitter that tune and regulate the hypothalamus, central nervous system and immune system. EMF exposure suppresses the pineal gland activity leading to the reduction of 2 important chemical messengers: melatonin and serotonin. Both are involved in regulating numerous processes and functions, however, serotonin has enormous influence over many brain functions.


Melatonin Regulates/Influences:


sleep onset and quality of sleep; body weight; energy balance; antioxidant activity; sex hormone production; mood; immunity; bone health; and prostrate, breast and uterine health.

Melatonin Deficiency is Associated with:


insomnia; sleep disorders; endometriosis; fibroids; fibrocystic breasts; menstrual disturbances; prostrate cancer; PMS; immune disturbances; cancer; high cholesterol; blood pressure abnormalities; depression; bipolar disorder; Alzheimer’s; autism; epilepsy; sudden infant death; diabetes; anxiety; heart arrhythmia; cataracts; and scoliosis.


Serotonin Regulates/Influences:


appetite control; sleep; memory; learning; mood; behaviour; cardiovascular functioning; muscle contraction; sense of well being; endocrine, renal, immune and gastrointestinal  systems.

Serotonin Deficiency is Associated With:


insomnia; memory and learning disorders; mood disorders; eating disorders; depression; obesity; panic attacks; alcoholism; headaches; ADD; aggression; fibromyalgia; PMS; deficits schizophrenia and deficits in executive, fibromyalgia, schizophrenia, memory and learning disorders, and impairments in functions that are collectively known as executive functions.


Executive function is a collection of brain processes that are responsible for planning, cognitive flexibility, abstract thinking, learning rules, initiating appropriate action, inhibiting inappropriate action, and selecting relevant sensory information. It is involved in decision making, trouble shooting, impulse control, reasoning, managing time and space, organizing and co-ordinating activities, setting goals, self reflection, self correcting; multi-tasking and mood. Executive functions develop during childhood through to young adulthood. This is when the child and adolescent learn to:


resist distraction by salient stimuli; focus attention on stimuli that are important;  be goal oriented; organize and direct activity so that goals are achieved in ways that are appropriate and rule abiding; engage in abstract thinking; make predictions about the future; reason;  think from another’s point of view; evaluate ideas; reflect on ones own work, be flexible in thinking so that self correcting is possible; keep track of time; simultaneously attend to more than one task; engage in group dynamics; wait patiently; finish work on time; and seek assistance when needed.


As  mentioned previously, executive functions become impaired when the pineal gland produces less serotonin in response to EMF exposure. Executive functions are also impaired when EMF exposure disrupts the electrical activity within and between brain cells – which are specifically specialized nerve calls called neurons. Executive functioning is also impaired by the constant unending stress caused by EMFS, which in turn puts the body into a fight or flight response. The reason being, that part of this response is to reduce the blood flow to the Frontal lobes/ forebrain, where executive functioning takes place; this means there is less energy available for executive functions. The loss of important electrolytes through Cyclautronic Resonance also impairs executive functioning. So, there are many ways in which EMF exposure interferes with thought processes, learning, memory, emotional control and behaviour. And the disruption in executive functioning has wide reaching implications during childhood.


There is seldom a single cause for disorders and illness. So, of course, EMFS are not necessarily the cause for these. However, EMFs can be seen to disturb emotional and mental functioning, promote and accelerate illness and interfere will healing,  Minimizing exposure to EMFS and obtaining effective EMF protection are essential for healing and prevention.


Based on the research, when exposure to EMFs is reduced, healing energies flow more freely and the body begins to heal. The nervous system and acupuncture meridian system are released from constriction. A calmness sets in. The pineal gland increases its production of hormones and important chemicals that control and effect physical, emotional and mental functioning. There is also an increase in overall energy. Cells no longer function as though in a state of emergency. As well there is increased production, uptake and cell retention of important electrolytes such as lithium, potassium, sodium and calcium. These electrolytes or ions are important for every bodily function. Because the body becomes more efficient, greater benefits are received from nutrition, supplements and healing therapies. In terms of emotional and mental changes, people report improved sense of well being, clarity, concentration, and improved anger management. The benefits that have been reported for children show that there is marked improvement in hyperactive ADHD and asthmatic children. There are reports of increased calmness, attention span and impulse control.


Children have relatively more brain fluid and thinner skulls than adults, so they are more susceptible to EMFs than adults. A 1 year old child can absorb almost twice as much radiation per kilo as an adult. This underscores the importance of not using a cell phone or cordless phone while holding a child, or baby monitors that use digital wireless technology.


EMF exposure cannot be avoided, however, one can effectively safeguard their health, and live in harmony with household electricity, lighting, cellphones, wifi and so on.  The healthiest  way to remove your body’s bio-energy field from EMF energy, Is to ground the body to the lectromagnetic field of the planet– the body’s natural electro-magnetic home. All life is meant to be grounded in this way.


Many products are now available on the internet that address the importance of grounding the

human body to the Earth. Grounding in this context has also been called ‘Earthing.’ and it,


1. allows for the positive flow of energy and information between the human body and the Earth.

2. creates a natural electrical ground by which body can rid the chaotic and unhealthy (biologically meaningless) currents induced by our electrical system.


(The energies of the  body and the planet are both Direct current, or DC current.  When two DC-based energy fields are brought together, a grounding takes place.0


Grounding/Earthing to Earth’s crust allows some dissipation of EMF energy and connection to Earth’s surface energies, however, not to the full spectrum Earth’s entire electromagnetic field. This field lies between the Earth's crust and the ionosphere and is commonly called the Schumann Resonance.


The planet’s electromagnetic field is a bio-energetic field—encoded with life-important biological timing mechanisms and templates of healing. Reception and access to these planetary signals is impeded by the body’s accumulation of EMF energy and environmental electropollution. Since the information in Earth’s bio-energetic field varies throughout the day and over time, optimal health depends on a 24-7 connection to Earth’s bio-signals.


Naturally occurring waters were once a rich source of earthly bio-energy and a reliable “tool” for securely connecting the body’s bio-energy field to the planet’s electromagnetic field. That role has been weakened: today’s water carries an abundance of environmental electropollutants and toxic manmade materials and chemicals. The Vibrancy Water Structuring Unit, however, removes those biologically perverse energies from water. The unit also instils abundant energies associated with Earth’s Bio-energetic field and, using Biomimetic technology, emulates the natural events that purify water and empower it’s innate life-giving properties and potential. The water this is generated, is referred to as “Structured Water” and is water restored to Nature’ s Original Design.


The Structured Water generated by the unit, offers effective support for electro-sensitive individuals and extends EMF remedial capability to energetic reconfiguration of emissions generated by EMF emitters. Specifically, energetic reconfiguration using the Structured Water generated by this product, neutralizes emissions from EMF emitters, and uses those emissions to install the vital bio-signals of Earth’s electro-magnetic field; in the moment as they happen.


Attraction, absorption, retention and accumulation of EMF depends on the body’s vibratory level. Based on the Law of Resonance, the body is prone to attract, absorb and retain EMF when the body’s vibratory level or frequency corresponds to the vibratory level or frequency of EMF; such as when the body is saturated with the energies produced by EMF emitters and man-made substances in food and water and the individual is in a low emotional state (fear, sad, low self esteem, feelings of helplessness, etc..)  According to the new science of Epigenetics, the body is also more prone to attract, absorb and retain EMF when the individual believes they are vulnerable to EMF and worries about it’s detrimental effects on the body.

Keys to functioning in a state that distances the body away from EMF energy

· consume food and water that are free of man made energies. and rich in the natural planetary frequencies they were meant to have..


· Surround yourself in the true energies of Earth’s natural electromagnetic bio-energetic field..


· Maintain a steady state of benevolence-based happiness/contentment. To help achieve this, exercise effective emotional self regulation; engage in activities and social/familial interactions that reflect you inner goodness and support your inner happiness; examine and toss away the beliefs and dramas that create a cloak of victim hood or of savior and which keep you from loving your loving  self.

The above keys facilitate return to the natural state of the human being. The vibratory level of that state matches that of Earth’s natural bio-energetic field and universal life force energy. L-8 Structured Water will help you take care of the first 2 keys and will help support you in accomplishing the 3rd key.


To learn about the many possibilities available using the L-8 Structured Water,  visit, https://www.vibrancywater.ca.



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