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Adaptable Standard Unit

USD $499.00
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The Adaptable Standard Size structured water unit can be adapted to generate Structured Water for the shower, hot tub, refrigerator water dispenser and ice maker, water fountain or irrigation lines. (For application to RV and bus holding tanks, see the Garden Structured Water Unit). The Adaptable unit is power-packed with 50% of the same structuring elements that are built into the Whole House unit. 

12 flow form structuring elements
Length:  7.5″


The unit is bi-directional and can be mounted in any direction. The threaded nipples that are on both sides of the unit (suitable for 1/2″ water line) can be removed to reveal a female threaded inlet. The unit is thereby adaptable for use on a copper, PEX or PVC water line with standard plumbing connectors (Shark Bite, Push Fitting, Barb, NPT). Additional connectors can be added for reduction to a 1/4″ water line..

Shower Use:

No plumbing skills are required. Simply,

1. remove one of the nipples from either end of the unit
2. screw off the existing shower head
3. screw the Structured Water unit onto the water pipe
4. screw the shower head onto the structuring unit

Completed installation places the shower head  7.5″ lower than its original position. To compensate, if needed, install a height-adjustable hand held shower head with hose, in place of your existing shower head. 

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