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Under Sink Unit

USD $549.00
Sale: USD $494.10
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This unit gives you healthful energizing Structured Water directly and immediately from the sink faucet, for drinking, washing, cooking, cleaning, watering plants …. whatever your water needs. This power-packed unit contains 50% of the same structuring elements that are built into the Whole House unit.

The under sink unit processes the cold water that is fed to the faucet and is prepared ready to install under onto the ½’ cold water side of the tap and the 3/8’ angle/straight stop valve. For your convenience purchase includes one 1/2” x1/2” flex hose. Installation is completed in minutes by someone qualified to do plumbing work.

The unit is bi-directional and can be mounted in any direction. The Under Sink Unit can be easily uninstalled for relocation.

12 flow form structuring elements
Length:  7.5″ with connectors 8.5″ 
Connection Size: 1/2″ MNPT + two 12″ connecting hoses

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