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Garden Unit

USD $399.00

The Garden unit is portable and can be quickly and temporarily connected for use. The Garden unit attaches at one end to the faucet and to the hose at the other end. In addition to the direct benefit for plants and vegetation, structured water enriches the soil and breaks down the hardpan soil. Water use reduces by up to 30% because Structured Water is more absorbable than regular water. The unit is also suitable for use on a hot tub, RV or bus holding tank.

Activation flow form structuring elements: 12
Length with connectors: 8 1/4″
Weight: 1 lb, 8 oz
Connection Size: 3/4″ Male and Female Garden Hose Connectors.

This power-packed unit contains 50% of the same structuring elements that are built into the Whole House unit.

The Garden Unit is suitable for use on RV and bus holding tanks. When using the Garden Unit for drinking water, a white non-toxic hose is recommended. This white hose is available from camping, RV, and most hardware stores

Dishwasher Safe

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