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Swimming Pool Unit


Turn your pool into a spa indulgence!

This unit installs on the line that leads to the swimming pool pump, to continuously circulate Structured Water in the pool. The unit can also be installed on the return line. Use minimizes or completely eliminates the need for chemicals or other agents to keep the pool water balanced.

The Pool Structured Water Unit is the ultimate technology for a swimming pool experience with high quality water, that looks and feels great, needs minimal upkeep, saves pool surfaces and equipment, and keeps swimmers' hair, skin and bathing suits soft and surrounding plants healthy.

Made of Stainless Steel
Two built in 2 inch NPT, for inline installation on pipes sized from 2 inch down to 1.25 inch.
Dimensions: 11.5 inches/29.2 cm (L) x 3 inches/7.6 cm (Diam)

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